KOBI/KOTI News Video Request

Please complete this form to order your copy or copies of stories seen on NBC5 News.

Orders will only be completed if all necessary information is provided. Payment of $45.00 is due upon material pickup at the KOBI Studios. Payment by cash, check or credit card is accepted.

If delivery via mail is desired, please call the NBC5 Studios at 541-779-5555 to arrange shipment (a $7.00 charge is required)

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I hearby agree to the following terms as they apply to the purchase of video news reports as aired on KOBI/KOTI Channels 5/2.

  1. The videos will not be used as evidence in any litigation involving KOBI-TV/KOTI-TV or it's employees. The video is solely for personal or educational use and will not be used in any manner for personal or financial gain.
  2. Only that portion of the video that aired is included.
  3. Outtakes remain the sole property of KOBI-TV and KOTI-TV.
  4. Purchase price of EACH requested story is $45.00.
    Payment by cash, check or credit card is accepted.
By submitting this form you agree to the terms above.

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