Congressman Greg Walden Discusses Opposition to Proposed Social Security Reform

, Posted: Sun, April 21 2013 at 7:21 PM, Updated: Sun, April 21 2013 at 7:31 PM

It wasn't just Senator Wyden who traveled to our area this weekend, Congressman Greg Walden was in Klamath Falls on Saturday. NBC 2's Lyle Ahrens spoke to the congressman about his opposition to proposed social security reforms which has placed him at odds with some fellow republicans.

Congressman Walden's opposition to the President's proposal to lower cost of living increases for those on social security placed him in the national spotlight but Walden maintains his stance.

"It's the same as what I said in Washington, which is I don't think we should take benefits away from existing recipients of social security," said the Congressman.

Walden says he's been surprised by the reaction.

"Actually, I was, I was really surprised because, I'm one of them in my party who believes that those who are retired, should not be adversely affected, and we should protect that agreement and that covenant that we have with seniors on social security, and on medicare."

Tighter gun legislation has also been a hot topic. Walden believes that the focus should be less on background checks and gun control, and more on identifying potential killers.

 "We need more help when it comes to mental health care, when it comes to identifying these people who, I don't care what the law is, they seek to break it. We just saw this in Boston with these young men terrorists."

Walden says he's aware that some of his views have angered some fellow republicans.

"And i know that made some in my party unhappy with me, but you know what, they don't elect me, people here do."

Walden was in Klamath Falls for a CARES, or Child Abuse Response and Evaluation Services banquet.

In Klamath Falls, this is Lyle Ahrens, NBC2 news.

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