Police: Truck fire added to list of 8 recent arsons and 7 vehicle fires

, Posted in Local, Posted: Mon, July 14 2014 at 9:49 AM, Updated: Mon, July 14 2014 at 4:04 PM

 A truck cab bursts into flames early in the morning, as the string of mysterious fires continues. Police now believe it too was arson.
"We run down there and the whole trucks on fire," says Medford resident  Alena Maciel who got police on the phone, " I thought the car was going to blow up."

The truck filled with flames, was across the street from her home, parked on North Orange. She called police just before 2:30 Monday morning.

The truck's since been towed away, and what's left is broken glass, but it's not the first vehicle fire to happen on this exact same road.  "About two years ago we had our trash truck lit on fire," says West Main Auto Sales manager Dave Schmidt.

In fact, at least 7 vehicle fires have been deemed arson by law enforcement in this very same area in the last three years. In 2011 two pickups were burned. First at 2nd and Fir streets. Then hours later on Haven. Then in 2012, 4 vehicles were lit on fire. All in west Medford.
Add to that 8 small fires started in the city of Medford in just the past week. "This many fires in such close proximity, you do start to wonder, if it's just one person, if it's a coincidence, it's hard to believe that it's a coincidence," says Medford Fire and Rescue's Samantha Matheny.   
None of the cases have been solved, but both Medford Police and Fire say they're looking at all possible connections.

"There could be a pyromaniac on the loose," comments Schmidt, "maybe somebody who doesn't like pickup trucks."

"The cars were almost touching, if that car had blown up it would have been bad," says Maciel.

Fire and Rescue tells us they detected some sort of accelerant inside the truck of Monday morning's fire, but they don't know exactly what - or who - started it yet. *nats*
Law enforcement is asking for the community's help on this one. If you see someone looking suspicious, you're asked to call Medford police or fire. It may be the tip they need to break these cases.

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