01 June 2015

Senate fails on Patriot Act extension

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(NBC News)  The National Security Agency is pulling the plug on some of its intelligence gathering after the the Senate missed a key deadline to reauthorize key portions of the Patriot Act.It may b ...

08 May 2015

President pushes controversial trade agreement in Oregon

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Beaverton, Ore. -- Nike executives in Oregon are promising 10,000 American jobs if a controversial trade agreement goes through. On Friday President Obama was in Oregon for the first time in three y ...

01 May 2015

Cylvia Hayes' public records case goes before Salem judge

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Salem, Ore. --- A lawyer for former first lady Cylvia Hayes is going before a judge in Salem arguing Hayes should not be forced to release e-mails that deal with public business.Oregon Attorney Gene ...

25 April 2015

Soldier's remains finally return home

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(KSDK)   An Army sergeant killed during the Vietnam War will be laid to rest this weekend in central Missouri, nearly 45 years to the day he died. Sgt. Rodney Griffin was killed May 2, 1970 in Camb ...

22 April 2015

Proposed bill woud restrict people from driving in left hand lane, narrowly passes

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Medford, Ore. --- You’ve seen it before, people who drive too slowly in the left lane. Soon, drivers could find themselves with stiff fines if they're caught driving in that lane.The Oregon House ...

17 April 2015

Obama to Congress: no Iran sanctions

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(NBC News) President Obama warned Friday that if Congress passes tougher sanctions on Iran now, a nuclear deal could be derailed, and sanctions in place already might fall apart."If it is perceived ...

10 April 2015

Wyden makes effort to change the tax code for marijuana businesses

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Ore. --- Senator Ron Wyden has thrown his weight behind an effort to change the federal tax code to make it easier for pot businesses to claim deductions.Senator Wyden is the ranking democrat on the ...

22 March 2015

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announces presidential bid

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(NBC NEWS) -- Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the first in for 2016. "I'm running for President and I hope to earn your support!" Cruz announced on Twitter early Monday. I'm running for President and I ho ...

16 March 2015

Governor signs New Motor Voter bill into law

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Salem, Ore. -- It's official, Oregon's New Motor Voter bill is now law. Governor Kate Brown signed it on Monday.   The New Motor Voter bill removes barriers to voter registration and makes it easie ...

16 March 2015

Speculation over U.S. Attorney for Oregon's leave of absence

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Ore. -- (KGW) There’s speculation tonight, March 16th, about why the U.S. Attorney for Oregon has taken a leave of absence.The U.S. Attorney's Office was able to confirm that Amanda Marshall, the ...