05 November 2012

City of Phoenix To Consider Restrictions On Stray Cats

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The city of Phoenix is considering new restrictions on cat owners and people who trap stray felines. A citizens' advisory group has been studying the issue for several months after a resident compl ...

30 October 2012

Sandy May Be Affecting Voter Turnout On The East Coast

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Superstorm Sandy has slammed the east coast and now the question is how will it affect the November election just a week away. A handful of battleground states were hit by Sandy and experts here in ...

26 October 2012

O.L.C.C. Announces Interim Executive Director

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The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has appointed a new interim executive director. Current Deputy Director Merle Lindsey will take over as interim executive director immediately.  The decision co ...

25 October 2012

Jackson County Residents May See Property Taxes Reduced

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Some Jackson County home owners may see a reduction in their property taxes this year. It could be a positive effect of a failing housing market. Since 2007, officials say properties values within J ...

24 October 2012

Oregon Liquor Control Commission Director To Retire

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After months of turmoil, the Director of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will soon step down from his position. Director Steve Pharo announced Tuesday that he will retire on November 16 after w ...

22 October 2012

Commissioners To Approve Jacksonville Residential Development Project

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The city of Jacksonville could soon see a new residential development. Jackson County commissioners plan to approve a zoning change for the 405-acres of the former landfill, just east of downtown. I ...

07 July 2012

November Ballot

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Politics

In Oregon politics, supporters backing the legalization of marijuana say they believe they have enough signatures to make it onto the November ballot.Lori Duckworth -- Executive Director of Southern ...

27 April 2012

Student Loan Bill Passes

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On Capitol Hill today, the House passed and sent to the Senate a bill to keep student loan rates low, but there was a partisan fight over how to pay and it is spilling over into the presidential ele ...

24 April 2012

Gingrich's Last Stand?

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Voters are headed to the polls today in five primary states, and Mitt Romney is looking to lock up the Republican nomination. President Obama, meanwhile, was in North Carolina, reaching out to the ...