20 May 2013

Proposed Utility Rate and Service Fee Hikes For Ashland

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Ashland residents are again facing rate and fee increases for basic city services. The Ashland city council will be holding a hearing to approve the increases, which include ten percent increases f ...

17 May 2013

Mt. Ashland Grant Will Help Sustain The Slopes

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A grant awarded to Mt. ashland will help the mountain fund restoration projects set for this summer. The$5,000 grant from the National Ski Areas Association will be set aside for the mountain's "su ...

16 May 2013

Electric Vehicles Create Jobs In Oregon

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The electric vehicle partnership has created more than 1600 jobs here in Orego, drawing praise from the governor. Oregon now has almost 2,500 electric vehicles registered across the state and more t ...

10 May 2013

Stamp Out Hunger This Weekend With The US Postal Service Food Drive

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A tradition that began in Oregon is now a nationwide event that helps feed families in need. The United States Postal service is handing out yellow bags and collecting food donations for their annu ...

08 May 2013

Highway 62 Bypass Project Gets Underway

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A project aimed at cutting down traffic on Highway 62 is moving forward after the bypass project route has been approved for an environmental review. The cost of the review is 7 million dollars, an ...

08 May 2013

Ashland City Budget May Increase By One Million Dollars

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1 million dollars worth of projects may be added to the Ashland City Budget. Right now, the budget committee is reviewing a 2-year, 200-point-6 million dollar plan. This morning, new add-ons are br ...

03 May 2013

April Adds 165,000 Jobs, Unemployment Rate Falls

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The April jobs report has just been released.165,000 jobs were created last month, well above analyst's expectations of 100,000.Meanwhile, the unemployment rate fell to 7.5%.That's the lowest it's b ...

16 April 2013

Could A Sales Tax In Oregon Reduce Budget Woes?

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Lawmakers are looking at a proposal that would take away Oregon's "no sales tax" status. A state senate committee is discussing a 5% percent sales tax on goods and services. In the proposal, the ne ...

15 April 2013

Today Is The Deadline To File Your Taxes!

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Today's the day! If you still have not filed your 2012 tax returns, you're almost out of time. Taxes are due today, April 15th. You now have under 24 hours until the deadline. Experts say the easies ...

10 April 2013

Medford Schools Get A Large Budget Increase For Next Year

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The Medford school board is looking at a bigger budget for the upcoming school year. The new 2013-2014 budget was released in last night's meeting. The district is expecting an 8.8 million dollar in ...