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05 May 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Today is "Cinco de Mayo!"It’s a day of celebration for Mexico and many Mexican-Americans. The holiday marks the Mexican victory over France at the battle of Puebla, on May5th, 1862.While there are ...

23 April 2015

Wrong teen seized in custody battle

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Mexico --- (KPRC)  A 14-year-old Mexican girl who was taken by authorities and sent screaming to live in the United States was returned home Wednesday after DNA tests showed she is not the daughter ...

25 March 2015

Caught on cam: Dine & dashers run waitress over with car

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***Warning. This item contains material that some viewers may find disturbing due to the graphic nature.*** Anaheim, Calif. --- A waitress is happy to be alive, after she chased after customers who ...

13 January 2015

Ashland Fire Department replaces two engines

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Ashland, Ore. --- After replacing two engines, the Ashland Fire Department is sending one of their out-placed vehicles to Mexico. A sendoff ceremony was held Monday at the Ashland Fire Department; t ...

19 November 2014

Immigration: waiting for reform

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(KGW)  As the battle over immigration reform rages in Washington, D.C., thousands are watching carefully.Sisters Isaura and Ines Pena are outspoken advocates of change.They are U.S. citizens, born ...

01 July 2014

Border children: refugee crisis

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(NBC News)  One day after he declared immigration reform dead, President Obama ran into the realities of trying to fix, on his own, a system flooded by the new wave of children arriving at the U.S. ...

25 April 2014

Zonkey born at Mexico zoo

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(Today Show) -- A rare zebra-donkey hybrid called a "zonkey" was born at a Mexico zoo April 21. They named it Khumba, who's mother is a female zebra called Rayas while the father is a dwarf, blue-e ...

10 March 2014

Ashland Fire donates a fire engine to its sister city

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Ashland, Ore. -- An Ashland fire engine will soon be making it's way thousands of miles across the nation and over the border. Ashland Fire & Rescue will be donating one of their engines to thei ...