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26 March 2015

Smoking ads get gruesome

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(NBC News)  By now most people have seen or heard of the graphic anti-smoking ads from the Centers for Disease Control. What many may not have heard is an explanation of the damaging effects of cig ...

10 March 2015

Clinton addresses emails

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(NBC News)  After days of brewing controversy Hillary Clinton is defending her use of private emails as Secretary of State as a matter of convenience, and nothing more."Looking back, it would have ...

09 March 2015

Sam Simon, 'The Simpsons' Co-Creator, dies after cancer battle

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(NBC News) -- Sam Simon, the co-creator of the long-running animated series "The Simpsons," has died following a battle with colorectal cancer, according to a statement released by his foundation Mo ...

05 March 2015

Dog rescued from Florida railroad tracks, treated for Shock

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Cabela, Fla. --- (NBC News) Cabela, the Florida dog rescued by police after she was shot and tied to railroad tracks with a train approaching, lost a lot of blood and will have her right foreleg amp ...

03 March 2015

Clinton emails scrutinized

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(NBC News)  As Hillary Clinton considers entering the 2016 race for president a potential political problem has emerged.According to the New York Times, the former Secretary of State exclusively us ...

27 February 2015

Missouri massacre: nine dead

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Tyrone, Mo. --- (NBC News)  Investigators in Missouri are trying to figure out what caused a man to go on a killing spree that claimed eight lives. It took place at four different homes in the tow ...

27 February 2015

Bigger is better?

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(NBC News)  New statistics on cosmetic surgery trends finds less is more when it comes to the face, and more is more when it comes to the backside!Celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez are bu ...

25 February 2015

2-week-old baby missing in California found dead in slough

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Updated (2/25 10:30 a.m.) A weeks-old baby was found dead Wednesday morning in a Northern California slough, according to Yolo County sheriff's officials, who suspect it is that of missing Justice ...

24 February 2015

Funding fight continues

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(NBC News)  The Senate is considering a deal that would pass a Homeland Security funding bill derailed by a separate fight over President Obama's executive orders on immigration.The possible breakt ...

20 February 2015

Controversial comments

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N.Y. --- (NBC News) The three-day White House summit on violent extremism is over, but critics are still buzzing about what President Obama said - and did not say. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giulian ...