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04 May 2015

"Melanoma Monday" highlights sun safety

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(NBC News)  The American Academy of Dermatology calls today "Melanoma Monday" to raise awareness for skin cancer.If there's one place that's left exposed to the sun's UV rays when applying sunscree ...

01 May 2015

Baltimore police to face murder charges

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Baltimore, Md. --- (NBC News)  Warrants have been issued for the six Baltimore police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray.Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced Friday t ...

30 April 2015

Police unveil new detail in Gray's death

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Baltimore, Md. --- (NBC News) New information was released and new questions raised Thursday in the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old who was severely injured and later died after being arreste ...

28 April 2015

Supreme Court appears divided on same-sex marriage

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(NBC News)  The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments over same-sex marriage Tuesday.Justices appeared divided in their questioning of attorneys representing states defending bans of same-sex unions." ...

27 April 2015

Holmes trial set to begin

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Aurora, Colo. --- (NBC News)  Nearly three years after a deadly attack at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater left 12 dead and dozens injured, opening statements in the James Holmes murder trial are ...

17 April 2015

Apology follows deadly shooting

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Okla. --- (NBC News) The Oklahoma reserve sheriff's deputy charged with manslaughter after shooting an unarmed man spoke publicly for the first time Friday.Flanked by supporters and his attorney, Re ...

17 April 2015

Obama to Congress: no Iran sanctions

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(NBC News) President Obama warned Friday that if Congress passes tougher sanctions on Iran now, a nuclear deal could be derailed, and sanctions in place already might fall apart."If it is perceived ...

17 April 2015

Oklahoma City bombing: 20 years later

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(NBC News)  Thousands will gather in Oklahoma City this weekend to remember one of the darkest moments in our nation's history, the bombing of the Murrah Federal Court Building.Sunday marks 20 yea ...

16 April 2015

CDC study finds spike in teens using e-cigarettes

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(NBC News)  E-cigarettes have jumped in popularity among teenagers in recent years, and now a new report released finds more teens are smoking e-cigarettes than conventional cigarettes.Just nine-pe ...

10 April 2015

V.A. delays continue

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(NBC News) Reforms to the Veterans Affairs Medical System have yet to significantly improve wait times to see doctors at many facilities nationwide according to a new study from the Associated Press ...