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27 May 2015

Oregon state parks offer free weekend in June

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Ore. --- Are you looking for a cheap weekend getaway?You may not have to look any further than Oregon’s state parks on the first weekend of June.All traditional and RV camping and parking will be ...

13 April 2015

Massive die-off of jellyfish-like creatures in Oregon coast

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Rockaway Beach, Ore.-- Thousands of jellyfish-like creatures were seen piled up on Rockaway Beach Sunday morning in what appeared to be a massive die-off. This picture was taken by Don Best on Oreg ...

27 March 2015

More than 2,300 sea lions on Astoria docks

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Astoria, Ore. -- (KGW) Sea lions have returned to Astoria in record numbers. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife counted 2,340 on the docks of the East Mooring Basin last Friday. Some, includ ...

21 January 2015

Bear cub found in Phoenix heads to Idaho

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Phoenix, Ore. --- A black bear cub found near Phoenix is heading to Idaho before starting a new life back in the wild.The 13-pound cub was found January 6th. The bear was taken to an Oregon Departme ...

14 January 2015

New wolf spotted in Southern Oregon

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Keno, Ore. --- OR-7 gets company; another adult wolf has been spotted in Southern Oregon. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has documented new wolf activity in the Southwest Keno unit, whic ...

20 October 2014

Baby bear caught roaming the halls of RiteAid in Ashland

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Update (10/22 4pm) The black bear cub has been transferred to PAWS in Lynwood, Washington. PAWS will be caring for the cub with the goal of returning it to the wild next year. When Oregon Departmen ...

03 September 2014

Black bear sighting in Central Point

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Central Point, Ore. --- A black bear was seen wandering near a Central Point elementary school at around 7 this morning. Oregon State Trooper Jeff Thompson says the bear was seen jumping through peo ...

07 July 2014

Portlanders upset after wild cougar euthanized

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Portland, Ore -- (KGW) Residents in a Northeast Portland neighborhood say they were shocked to find out the state chose to euthanize a cougar after it was safely tranquilized outside a home.Many of ...

04 June 2014

Wildlife experts say wolf OR-7 has pups

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Portland, Ore. -- According to wildlife biologists wolf OR7 and a mate have produced offspring. In early May, biologists suspected that OR7, originally from northeast Oregon, had a mate in the Rogue ...

30 April 2014

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to increase license fees

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Medford, Ore. -- Fishing season just opened, but there's already some bad news for anglers. Budget concerns are forcing the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, (ODFW), to increase license fees. ...