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14 July 2015

Iran deal: "Verification, not trust"

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(NBC News)  After 20 months of tense negotiations, a new agreement curbing Iran's nuclear program has been reached. Iran has agreed to limit uranium production for 10 years and access to nuclear eq ...

07 May 2015

President Obama visiting Oregon

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Portland, Ore. --- Oregon is welcoming the President today!President Obama is expected in Portland for a fundraiser this evening, May 7th.A Friday morning visit to Nike is also scheduled, where he w ...

17 April 2015

Obama to Congress: no Iran sanctions

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(NBC News) President Obama warned Friday that if Congress passes tougher sanctions on Iran now, a nuclear deal could be derailed, and sanctions in place already might fall apart."If it is perceived ...

19 March 2015

President Obama fills out bracket for men's NCAA Tournament

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President Obama thinks Kentucky will emerge victorious in this year's men's NCAA basketball tournament.He filled out his bracket Wednesday, March 18th on ESPN, in the final four, the President has K ...

13 March 2015

No more Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill?

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Ore. --- Every face on American money is a man's, but one group wants that to change.Women on Twenty’s or W-20 started a campaign to take Andrew Jackson off of the $20 bill and put a woman in his ...

24 February 2015

Funding fight continues

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(NBC News)  The Senate is considering a deal that would pass a Homeland Security funding bill derailed by a separate fight over President Obama's executive orders on immigration.The possible breakt ...

20 February 2015

Controversial comments

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N.Y. --- (NBC News) The three-day White House summit on violent extremism is over, but critics are still buzzing about what President Obama said - and did not say. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giulian ...

12 February 2015

Congress sends Obama pipeline bill

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Wash. D.C. -- President Obama could be preparing to use his veto powers for the first time against the new Republican-led Congress.   Wednesday night the House passed a final version of a bill, aut ...

11 February 2015

Obama asks to extend ISIS fight

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(NBC News)  President Obama has asked Congress to formally authorize an expansion of the U.S. war against ISIS, including the use of American ground forces in Syria.His request sets up the first wa ...

02 February 2015

Obama unveils budget

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(NBC News)  President Obama unveiled a $4 trillion 2016 budget Monday, an ambitious plan aimed at helping the poor and middle class. To pay for that the budget includes overall tax increases of $2 ...