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04 August 2015

Video emerges of boy with ADHD, 8, handcuffed at school; officer facing lawsuit

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Ky. --- (TODAY) A Kentucky sheriff's deputy is facing charges in a federal lawsuit for handcuffing two young children with disabilities after the students were sent to the principal's office for mis ...

19 June 2015

Brian Williams sits down with Matt Lauer in first interview since suspension

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(TODAY) In his first interview since being suspended from NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams admitted to and apologized for past mistakes, telling TODAY's Matt Lauer, "I said things that weren't true. ...

05 May 2015

Marathon mom who kissed mystery man gets funny reply from his wife

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Boston, Mass. --- (Today) A single mom who'd sought the identity of a handsome man she'd kissed while running the Boston Marathon has tracked him down — with help from his wife. Thankfully, if the ...

30 April 2015

Oregon woman gets surprise 'TODAY' show makeover

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New York City, N.Y. -- (The Today Show) Donna Libby, a retired Klamath Falls teacher and librarian, was picked Thursday morning as one of two women who underwent the "Plaza Ambush Makeover" on NBC's ...

04 March 2015

Like father, like son: Baby bursts into tears whenever dad cries

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(TODAY) If daddy's not happy, baby's not happy! It's a sound enough sentiment, and there's just no denying it after watching this father-son video. Fabian Herrera is the proud papa of a particularly ...

30 January 2015

Lost, then found! Widower breaks down hearing late wife's voice on phone message

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West Yorkshire, England --- (TODAY) It's just an ordinary answering machine message. "Sorry, at the moment Stan and Ruby are not available. But if you please leave your phone number and your name af ...

27 January 2015

Principal's 'Let It Go' school closure parody draws flurry of attention

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The Today Show -- Snow is falling, schools are closing, and that can mean only one thing: Song parody announcements! And with his epic rendition of "Let it Snow" (set to the tune of "Let It Go"), th ...

14 January 2015

'It was her time': Brittany Maynard's husband on letting her go

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Portland, Ore. --- (Today) On her final day, Brittany Maynard did her favorite thing. She strolled outside with her husband, her family, a friend, and a dog. Then, she returned home to die, her husb ...

14 January 2015

Pup-lic transportation: Seattle mutt takes solo bus rides to dog park

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Seattle, Wash. --- (Today) For a 2-year-old Seattle mutt named Eclipse, bus rides to the local dog park became so routine, she started taking them herself. A black Labrador-mastiff mix, Eclipse made ...

11 November 2014

Dad builds Iron Man costume to help sick baby 'feel brave'

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(KGW News) A baby's first Halloween costume is usually pretty adorable, but this one is also very meaningful. Baby Collier has been in the hospital since his premature birth in July. His dad, Eric H ...