17 August 2015

Lucasfilm releases cast photo for "Rogue One"

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Lucasfilm has released the first cast photo for the new 'Star Wars' stand-alone movie, "Rogue One". The film is set before the events of the very first film. The plot is set to depict the story of ...

11 August 2015

Fallon addresses Trump controversy with sarcasm

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In-case you missed Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show last night, Jimmy decided to address the controversy surrounding Donald Trump with a little sarcasm, here’s what you missed!Jimmy Fallon, “Ear ...

06 August 2015

The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart signs off

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Tonight on August 6th, Jon Stewart says goodbye after more than 16 years as host of "The Daily Show."Stewart took a moderately successful show on Comedy Central and turned it into a cultural phenome ...

21 July 2015

"Clueless" celebrates it's 20 year anniversary

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"Clueless" became a pop culture phenomenon when the film hit theaters 20 years ago, making phrases like "whatever" and "as if" part of the mainstream vernacular.  Mike Wilber takes a look back at t ...

09 June 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Lane? Towns Could Consider Renaming Streets Honoring Bruce Jenner

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(NBC News) Caitlyn Jenner's debut earlier this month created a question for some cities and towns: What should happen to streets named for Bruce Jenner? Three cities — two in Texas, one in Tenness ...

21 April 2015

Netflix buys a new 'Full House'

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(KGW) Full House is coming back. Uncle Jesse says so. John Stamos, who played Jesse Katsopolis on the popular ABC family comedy of the late 1980s and early 1990s, confirmed rumors of the show's rebo ...

21 April 2015

Ouch! Don't take the Kylie Jenner challenge

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(KGW) It's a disturbing new trend. And hopefully it'll stop as soon as it started. On Sunday night, #kyliejennerchallenge popped up on Twitter. What's happening is that kids are trying to plump thei ...

09 April 2015

Survey suggests people who love grilled cheese sandwiches have more sex

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Do grilled cheese sandwiches lead to a better sex life?  Probably not.   But dating and social-networking site 'Skout' asked 4,600 users all kinds of questions about the sandwich, to figure out wh ...

08 April 2015

Fan scratched Adam Levine on stage

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Taking a look at what's trending on Google right now, a fan stole the show at a Maroon 5 concert and took a piece of Adam Levine with her.Not all Maroon 5 fans have moves like Mick Jagger, this week ...

06 April 2015

"The Voice" heats up

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(NBC)  "The Voice" moves into its playoff round tonight as 20 artists begin vying for America's vote.At age 15, Sawyer Fredericks is the youngest contestant among the Top 20. He's on a team with th ...