26 June 2015

Centers for Disease Control finds truth behind germs in pools

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A revelation about swimming pool water has some people second-guessing that dive.You know the red and burning eyes people sometimes get after a day at the pool?It turns out, these symptoms don't com ...

24 June 2015

General Mills announces cereal shake-up

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(KARE)  General Mills decision to eliminate artificial colors and flavors from its cereals is good news for consumers, and it turns out that's exactly where it started.Food trend experts and dietit ...

19 June 2015

Health tips for men in honor of Father's Day

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With Father's Day just two days away, we thought we would dedicate today's health segment to men's health.Do you know the greatest threats to men's health? The good news is that a few lifestyle chan ...

16 June 2015

FDA announces trans fats ban

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(NBC News) The Food and Drug Administration is banning artificial trans fats from the American food supply.Trans fats are found in many fried foods and baked goods, and they keep packaged products f ...

04 May 2015

"Melanoma Monday" highlights sun safety

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(NBC News)  The American Academy of Dermatology calls today "Melanoma Monday" to raise awareness for skin cancer.If there's one place that's left exposed to the sun's UV rays when applying sunscree ...

29 April 2015

Youth binge drinking effects on the brain

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A new study reveals that youthful binge drinking could lead to brain issues as you get older. The study suggests that a young adult's brain is quite sensitive to binge drinking. As a result, such dr ...

16 April 2015

FDA warns Kind Bars makers of misleading consumers

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The Food and Drug Administration has warned the maker of Kind Bars that some of its products are misleading consumers.In a letter to Kind Snacks, the FDA is asking the company to strip the term 'hea ...

02 April 2015

Recovery in Zero Gravity

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Medford, Ore. – Providence's Central Point Physical Therapy Clinic is stepping into the future with the first of its kind, an anti-gravity treadmill. The cutting edge equipment is part of an ongoi ...

09 March 2015

Tips on dealing with spring allergies

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The clocks have sprung forward, spring is almost here and while many will enjoy the warmer temperatures, others will be battling spring allergies. Millions of Americans suffer from spring allergies, ...

03 March 2015

Coffee studies linked to better heart health

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Good news for all of you enjoying your morning coffee.Researchers in Korea have found more evidence that links coffee consumption to heart health.Doctors found that people who drink an average of th ...