20 February 2015

Oregon's new Governor speaks to press

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Salem, Ore. --- Oregon’s new Governor met with the press for the first time Friday as the state's leader.Kate Brown was appointed to office on Wednesday, following the resignation of Governor John ...

20 February 2015

Controversial comments

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N.Y. --- (NBC News) The three-day White House summit on violent extremism is over, but critics are still buzzing about what President Obama said - and did not say. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giulian ...

17 February 2015

Oregon Governor investigated

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Ore. --- (KGW)  Subpoenas are shedding light on two criminal probes into contracts obtained by the fiancee of former Oregon governor John Kitzhaber.Oregon's attorney general and federal authorities ...

16 February 2015

Kate Brown's first employers weigh-in

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Salem, Ore.-- Secretary of State Kate Brown will be sworn in as Oregon's new governor on Wednesday. Albert Manashe, who refers to the Secretary of State by her first name, first hired Brown as a law ...

14 February 2015

Kate Brown remains quiet about Kitzhaber

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SALEM, ORE. --   Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown remains quiet after Governor John Kitzhaber announced his resignation on Friday. Brown did not stop to answer questions from reporters at the s ...

12 February 2015

Kitzhaber called to resign by own party members

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Oregon politics have never seen anything like it, calls for Governor John Kitzhaber to resign from multiple leaders of his own party. "Governor John Albert Kitzhaber, I am sorry," Senate President, ...

11 February 2015

Obama asks to extend ISIS fight

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(NBC News)  President Obama has asked Congress to formally authorize an expansion of the U.S. war against ISIS, including the use of American ground forces in Syria.His request sets up the first wa ...

20 January 2015

Obama expected to urge congress to cut middle class taxes

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Expanding America's economic comeback is the theme of President Obama's State of the Union Tuesday night. He's also expected to talk about the rising income gap and tax hikes and breaks. The White H ...

19 January 2015

State of the union: what to expect

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(NBC News)  President Obama delivers his State of The Union address this week and it's already drawing criticism from Republicans on Capitol Hill.The GOP is now in control of both chambers of Congr ...

09 January 2015

Oregon and Ohio politicians wage bets before college football championship game

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Ore. --- There’s a lot at stake in Monday’s College National Championship Game, bragging rights to the national title and of course, nuts, beer, cheese and lasagna.Governors John Kitzhaber has p ...