28 January 2013

Credit Card Fees

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A new law went into effect that means you may pay more for convenience of using a credit card to shop. Jay Gray reports.

24 January 2013

Tsunami Dock Becomes History In Newport

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Part of the Japanese dock that washed ashore an Oregon beach last summer will soon reach it's final resting place. A 105-thousand pound piece of the concrete dock will be placed at the Hatfield Mar ...

23 January 2013

Off-Duty Oregon Officer Prompts Standoff

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A Hillsboro police officer is facing attempted murder charges, after a domestic disturbance call leads to a standoff with fellow officers.Timothy Cannon is behind bars in Washington county.Officials ...

22 January 2013

Klamath Falls Ice Sculptures

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Some spectacular ice formations are showing up along the East Side of the Link River in Klamath Falls. A combination of single-digit temperatures and an aging redwood pipe have made for an amazing ...

16 January 2013

Local Law Enforcement Reacts to Gun Control Plan

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Despite President Obama's push to ban assault weapons, some Southern Oregon Sheriffs vow to uphold the constitution. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters says he will not support a ban on assault wea ...

09 January 2013

2011 Japanese Tsunami Cleanup Fund Re-pleated

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Oregon will receive more money to help clean up from the 2011 Japanese tsunami. The state was granted more than fifty thousand dollars by the federal government however the clean up costs far exceed ...

28 December 2012

Current Water Levels

Written by Adam Colpack, Posted in Regional, Local

With the dry summer and now very wet winter weather we've been having you might be wondering if our area is getting the water it needs. NBC's Adam Colpack brings us up to date.

27 December 2012

Budget Woes For Curry County

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Officials in Curry County say public safety and county services are on the line if a financial bailout isn't reached. Officials say the county is more than 3 million dollars in debt and the usual ba ...

27 December 2012

Taxpayers Warned About Online Payment Service Changes

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The Oregon Department of Revenue is changing their electronic payment services provider, which means thousands of taxpayers could unintentionally miss their payments. The department has sent out mor ...

18 December 2012

Kitzhaber Releases 10 Year Energy Plan

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Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber releases his 10-year energy plan. The plan focuses on a number of key issues, including improving the states clean-energy infrastructure and efficiency. In a statement ...