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13 May 2015

Police: don't chase bears with hatchet while drunk

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Mass. -- The North Adams Police Department in Massachusetts posted on their Facebook page that a man was caught trying to chase a bear through the woods with a dull hatchet, while drunk. // **Ch ...

06 May 2015

Caught on cam: Tree falls on children

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Mass. --  Police released this video showing the large tree falling on two children while they were playing at the Chelsea Park the night of Monday, April 5th.  A two-year-old was taken to a local ...

05 May 2015

Marathon mom who kissed mystery man gets funny reply from his wife

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Boston, Mass. --- (Today) A single mom who'd sought the identity of a handsome man she'd kissed while running the Boston Marathon has tracked him down — with help from his wife. Thankfully, if the ...

20 April 2015

Boston: ready to run again

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Boston, Mass. --- (NBC News)  It's race day in Boston.30,000 runners and more than 100,000 fans will be a part of history during the running of the 119th annual marathon.This year's competition com ...

17 April 2015

Boston's victim family opposes death penalty

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Boston, Mass. --- (WHDH) The family of the youngest victim of the marathon bombing, Martin Richard, said they support taking the death penalty off the table for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.Tsarnaev was convic ...

27 February 2015

Slushy waves?

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Mass. --- After months of deep freeze, one Massachusetts photographer captured some chilling beauty when ocean waves turned to slush. Check out this shot of what he calls “Slurpee Surf." Jonathan ...

14 January 2015

Meat tosser "there to feed the pigs"

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Mass. --- (NECN)  A Massachusetts woman is accused of throwing raw bacon and sausage at a police station on Friday, saying she was there to "feed the pigs".Framingham police say 24-year-old Lindsey ...

09 January 2015

One hour pregnancy

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Mass. --- (NECN)  A Massachusetts woman got quite a surprise when she went to South Shore Hospital Tuesday suffering from severe cramping and back pain.It turned Katie Kropas was in labor, and she ...

07 November 2014

House of filth: inside look

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Blackstone, Mass. -- (NECN)  Mounds of trash. Countless dirty diapers. A dead dog lying on a mattress, feces smeared on the ceilings and, perhaps most heartbreaking, the handprint of a baby on a wa ...

30 July 2014

Close call: axe through windshield!

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Topsfield, Mass. --- (NECN)  A motorist traveling on I-95 South in Topsfield, Massachusetts, endured a frightening moment Wednesday morning when an axe struck their vehicle.A landscaper driving a d ...