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07 August 2015

Medford Police remind you to not leave valuables in car

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Medford, Ore. -- A reminder from Medford Police not to leave valuables in your car. MPD says a group of suspects is hitting the city and targeting vehicles at local fitness facilities, namely Super ...

27 July 2015

Fiat-Chrysler faces massive recall

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(NBC News)  Federal regulators have delivered a strong message to Fiat Chrysler, slapping the automaker with one of the harshest penalties ever for what investigators say was neglect and unnecessar ...

31 March 2015

Central Point Police warns against car break-ins

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Central Point, Ore. -- The Central Point Police Department is urging people to lock their car doors and keep personal belongings out of plain sight.  They say they responded to eight calls on Mond ...

30 December 2014

Medford Police caution residents about increase in car thefts

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Medford, Ore. -- Medford Police are urging people to think twice before leaving their car running unattended.  Officials say four cars were stolen after being left to warm up last week and three mo ...

29 December 2014

Medford Police seeing more vandalism cases within short period of time

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Medford, Ore. -- Medford Police say they have nearly 400 reports of vandalism a year and had 35 cases over just a couple of days this week.      Police say it's usually juveniles who commit these ...

04 December 2014

Is that pot on your breath?

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Pullman, Wash. -- (KHQ)  Researchers at Washington State University are developing a breathalyzer to detect if you're driving under the influence of marijuana. It's a problem that the Washington St ...

11 November 2014

Car weatherization tips

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Medford, Ore. --- Even if you've got traction tires on your car, you still might not be ready for winter travel.Colder mornings and snowy conditions are quickly approaching and it might be a good ti ...

12 September 2014

Extreme fire danger prompts big response at garage fire in Gold Hill

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Gold Hill, Ore. -- Fire crews across the state are bracing for a busy weekend. The Oregon Department of Forestry says high winds and low humidity are the perfect mix for fire.  Forecasted east wind ...

10 February 2014

Grants Pass man featured on 'Jay Leno's Garage'

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Grants Pass, Ore. -- (Grants Pass Daily Courier) Randy Grubb's Decopods look like something Flash Gordon or Felonius Gru and his minions might dig. Jay Leno certainly did. Grubb, Grants Pass' very ...