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26 August 2014

Too many c-sections?

Posted in U.S. & World News, Health

(KGW)  In the United States one in three pregnancies end in a C-section. Why so many?Some health experts now believe it's because doctors are using an outdated definition of labor and many of those ...

21 August 2014

Restriction changes on painkiller, hydrocodone

Posted in U.S. & World News

The Federal Government is tightening restrictions on the prescription painkiller, hydrocodone.Hydrocodone is the most commonly prescribed painkiller and is found in drugs like Vicodin, it also has t ...

16 June 2014

Whooping Cough officially epidemic in California

Posted in Regional

(NBC Los Angeles) The number of whooping cough cases in California has officially reached epidemic proportions, the California Department of Public Health reported. Whooping cough, known to doctors ...

05 March 2014

What doctors are saying about medical marijuana

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Local, Politics, Health

Medford, Ore. -- It's no secret. Medical marijuana is a controversial issue, despite states across the country starting to legalize or loosen restrictions. NBC 5 spoke with three doctors to try and ...