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RaeAnn Christensen

Update 4/23 11:15pm): Police arrested 20 year-old Deloy Espinosa at 6:30 Wednesday night after a traffic stop on Riverside and 10th.

Officers recognized Espinosa as a suspect involved in the stabbing. He was taken into custody without incident.

After being interviewed, Espinosa was charged with multiple assault charges.

Police believe that Espinosa was the stabber. They say they are still looking for more suspects.

The case is still under investigation. The victim is still in the hospital. He was upgraded from serious to stable condition Wednesday night.

Medford, Ore. -- Stephanie Dietrich said she's not surprised to see her apartment building surrounded with crime tape. She said "we hear gunshots every night all over here, we got a nutcake over here that likes to shoot people, a nutcake over there that likes to do target practice in his backyard."

Dietrich said Monday was a  normal noisy night at her apartment complex on Elm and 10th street. "Since these people moved in, it's been very noisy every night, all night," she said. But one of her neighbors apparently couldn't take the noise anymore. "Chris went up to ask them to keep it down and I guess one of the guys stabbed him several times," Dietrich said.

Police said they don't know who stabbed the 39-year-old man, but said whoever did it was part of a group. The victim was stabbed over and over and severely beaten. Lt. Mike Budreau of Medford Police said "for whatever reason this group of individuals took a disliking to this victim and went way to far." He also said he was lucky that a neighbor stepped in. Lt. Budreau said "he actually assisted in breaking it up and getting the individuals off the victim and then he transported the victim to the hospital."

Out of the group, police have taken two people into custody, 18-year-old Lucas Carstens and a juvenile who isn't being identified.

Lt. Budreau gave a word of advice, "call us and we will handle it, we do it all the time and we would much rather do that than have something like this happen."

But Stephanie Dietrich says she isn't taking any chances "we're moving, we are looking for a place."

Medford Police said they do not believe the incident is gang related. They're looking for 3 to 4 more suspects. The victim is in serious condition.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Medford Police Department, 541-770-4783.

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GP Daily Courier holds first Sheriff candidate forum GP Daily Courier holds first Sheriff candidate forum

Grants Pass, Ore. -- Three candidates for Josephine County Sheriff battled it out Wednesday night.

Grants Pass Police Officer Dave Daniel and Sheriff Deputy Ed Vincent are challenging incumbent Gil Gilbertson.

It was a packed house in Wednesday night's first forum for the candidates.

We asked each of them their priority for the cash-strapped county if elected.

Gil Gilbertson said "My beleif is, if somebody calls for help, my number one priority is to go respond to that help. Whether we arrest somebody or not to me is secondary. Somebody needs to go when you call for help."

Dave Daniel said "Really starting over. Build that sense of community, that sense of organization and clearing out some of the frustration and the worry and the fear that we have in Josephine County."

Ed Vincent said "My main goal is to completely restructure the office to fit the financial budget that we're under right now and be able to utilize that money to possibly put more patrols on the road."

There are two more forums scheduled:

  • Sunday April 27th - North Valley High School from 6pm to 8pm.
  • Monday April 28th - Marie Hill Conference Center

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Same sex marriage arguments heard by federal judge Same sex marriage arguments heard by federal judge


Kassi Nelson

Eugene, Ore. -- It's one of the biggest civil rights questions of our time and today the issue of same sex marriage moved in Oregon moved into a federal courtroom in Eugene. Could this be the beginning of the end for the same sex marriage ban in the state?

The case involved both gay and lesbian couples who argued they are being treated differently by state law since they can not marry like same sex couples. 

The federal constitution prohibits unequal treatment unless there is a compelling reason for it. One couple involved said they feel a responsibility to stand up for other gay couples who want to get married in Oregon.

"It's not just our family, our immediate family and our son. It's the children of all the community we represent in Oregon," Plaintiff Paul Rummel said.

District Judge Michael McShane denied a motion from the National

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FDA ruling brewing opposition FDA ruling brewing opposition


Lyle Ahrens

Klamath Falls, Ore. -- A Klamath Falls brewer and rancher is concerned about a proposed F.D.A. regulation that's on tap.

Rod Kucera of 'Mia and Pia's Pizzeria and Brewhouse' brews beer, and raises cattle.

Kucera feeds his cattle grain left over from the brewing process...

"They love it - they kind of wait at the gate."

But Kucera says a proposed Food and Drug Administration ruling could change all that...

"This proposed rule would require us to dry that spent grain, package it, and label it before we could take it down to feed our own cattle."

Senator Ron Wyden opposes the ruling...and plans to visit a brewery and restaurant in Ashland Thursday morning to protest the proposal.

"Because he knows that it is basically a very ridiculous proposal."  States Kucera.

Kucera says that if the rule is passed, larger brewers will likely pass along costs to consumers.

"If you don't want the cost of your beer to go up, call Senator Wyden, or Representative Walden, and give them an earful."

Senator Wyden will host his press conference in Ashland Thursday morning at 10:30 at the Caldera Brewery and Restaurant on Clover Lane.

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3 jailed after alleged robbery, pursuit 3 jailed after alleged robbery, pursuit


Lyle Ahrens

Klamath Falls, Ore. - A Klamath Falls man is charged with attempted murder...and two others face multiple charges following an alleged robbery, and a high-speed pursuit through Klamath County.

The suspects were arrested following a manhunt that lasted nearly 4 hours.

Detective Jack Daniel of the Klamath Falls Police Department says the incident began when a man was stabbed in the hand during a robbery at an apartment building...

"Some property was stolen during the course of the robbery at approximately 10 A.M., all three suspects were present at that time."

Those suspects have been identified as 22 year old Seth Hernandez, 29 year old Keith Jackson, and 22 year old Joshua Morris.

They're accused of leading police on a high speed chase that began south of Malin, continued to Bonanza, and ended in Klamath Falls just before 3 Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the suspects drove into oncoming traffic, and tried to hit officers who were setting out spike strips.

"The vehicle actually swerved at those officers."  Adds Detective Daniel.  "Causing them to have to jump out of the way."

Police say Morris was at the wheel...he's charged with attempted murder.

At arraignment today, Seth Hernandez was charged with first-degree robbery - a measure 11 crime.

Keith Jackson was released on his own recognizance.

The man who was stabbed was treated at Sky Lakes Medical Center, and later released.

Police ended their pursuit south of Malin shortly after 11 A.M. due to safety concerns.

They resumed the chase just after 1:30, when the suspects were seen driving near Bonanza.

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Raccoon attacks baby Raccoon attacks baby

Kountze, Texas --- (KBMT News) A newborn is recovering and his mother faces possible criminal charges after police say a pet raccoon attacked the infant.

Police officers were called to the Kountze, Texas home on April 12.

There, officers found a then two-week-old baby boy with lacerations across his left eye and across the top of his head.

Officers say the child was bleeding profusely. A preliminary investigation suggests the baby was left inside the home alone with two pet raccoons.

Police say Darby's boyfriend told them that he ran to find the raccoon slapping the baby in the face after hearing the baby screaming from outside the home. 

The newborn was flown from the house in Kountze to Texas Children's hospital in Houston where he was released two days later to his mother's custody. Texas Parks and Wildlife says the family was housing two raccoons without a proper license or permit. The agency says the animals were euthanized on scene as a safety precaution. Their remains were sent to Houston for rabies tests.

The Hardin County Health Department says tests showed the two raccoons did not have rabies or any other diseases.  

The boy's mother says the animal was trying to pick up her son and scratched him, saying that the injuries did not require stitches.

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Facebook is good for small businesses Facebook is good for small businesses

Medford, Ore. -- Facebook, it's no longer just for selfies or keeping up with friends. Small businesses are finding out that they can boost their customer base and and image. Local leaders say there are success stories all around the valley.

Close to three-hundred small business leaders joined representatives from Facebook in a sit down workshop to hear about how the social networking site can boost business and drive the local economy.

With nearly one-billion users online, Facebook rep's say their site allows small businesses to be seen- find and sell products

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E-cigarettes: A closer look E-cigarettes: A closer look

(NBC News)  The Food and Drug Administration has taken its first steps toward regulating e-cigarettes.

It's a booming business that's quickly grown into a $2-billion a year industry without much oversight.

"Some have characterized it frankly as the wild, wild west," says FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg.

The FDA proposal would require manufacturers to disclose the ingredients of their products, which contain at the very least nicotine and water, along with any number of other unknown chemicals.

An e-cigarette industry spokesman welcomes quality control regulation of liquid nicotine ingredients, saying it would make a better, safer product.

"You find companies now basically mixing this product in the back rooms of their shop and they don't have the proper settings to do so," says Ray Story of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association.

The regulations would prohibit sales to kids under age 18, but do not halt online sales, television advertising or flavors some say are attractive to children.

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Fetal tissue burning halted at Marion Co. power plant Fetal tissue burning halted at Marion Co. power plant

Brooks, Ore. --- A waste-to-power plant in Oregon is reportedly burning fetal tissue for electricity and some local leaders want the practice stopped. The convanta plant in the town of Brooks turns medical waste and other garbage into energy.

But an article published earlier this week in the religious newspaper the "B. C. Catholic" indicates that some of the boxed medical waste includes fetal tissue from British Columbia.

Marion county chairman Sam Brentano, who calls himself a devout catholic, says he had no idea this was happening right under his nose and he wants the practice stopped.

"Bottom line, I’m not going to facilitate abortion and again it's the ultimate disrespect to, all say innocence’s that there can be, maybe all human life”.  Said Sam Brentano

The commissioner has ordered the plant to stop burning medical waste. County Commissioner will meet later today to decide what to do next.

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Photo courtesy of KGW News

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Wanted fugitve avoids capture, search west of Roseburg Wanted fugitve avoids capture, search west of Roseburg

Roseburg, Ore --- Oregon State Police (OSP) & Douglas County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) are asking for the public's help to locate a dangerous, wanted felon who avoided capture Wednesday afternoon following an attempt to elude west of the Roseburg area.

Law enforcement cautions the public to not approach this person if seen and to call 9-1-1 or OSP Southern Command Center dispatch at 800-442-2068 with information about his whereabouts.

Hiram Samuel Cunningham, age 30, from Sutherlin, is wanted on numerous felony and misdemeanor warrants out of Douglas, Lane and Jackson counties.

Cunningham is described as a white male, 6'2", 170 pounds, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. He is known to wear disguises including a wig and reading style glasses to avoid being recognized. He is known to carrying firearms, is potentially violent, and has previously eluded arrest.

Officers said on April 23, 2014 at approximately 4:04 p.m., two OSP detectives in a marked OSP pickup traveling northbound on Interstate 5 in the Roseburg area recognized Cunningham driving a 2008 Chevrolet Impala four door with two other occupants. The Chevrolet took exit 125 and turned west onto NW Garden Valley Boulevard where detectives attempted a traffic stop.

Cunningham sped through a mall parking lot and got back on to NW Garden Valley Boulevard. Police say Cunningham was speeding over 100 mph for about five miles when officers lost sight of him. 

As officers from OSP, Douglas County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) and Roseburg Police Department (RPD) searched the area for the car, it was spotted abandoned near Capital Lane. OSP detectives contacted two people on foot and confirmed they were passengers in the car. Both people were confirmed wanted on felony warrants out Wheeler County for Fail to Appear - Dangerous Drugs. They were identified as 26 year-old Chantel Dawn Woody and 22 year-old Brogan John Delia, both are from Fossil and were later lodged in the Douglas County Jail.

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