13 June 2014

Little steam engine returns to Jacksonville

Written by Kyle Aevermann, Posted in Local

Jacksonville, Ore. -- A piece of history is coming back to the Rogue Valley. A steam engine that served Oregon for more than 60 years will reunite with the tracks Saturday morning. "This train ran t ...

13 June 2014

New study on teens

Posted in Local

Medford, Ore. -- Teens are drinking less, fighting less, and smoking less, but are they replacing those vices with other bad habits?  According to a government study American teens are smoking less ...

13 June 2014

Dire water availability in Montague draws state task force

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Local

Montague, Ca. -- The City of Montague in Northern California is at risk of completely running out of water in just a couple months, but on Friday progress was made as local leaders and community mem ...

13 June 2014

Klamath Falls burglary suspect captured by victim

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Local

Klamath Falls, Ore. - A Klamath Falls man takes matters into his own hands to catch a man suspected of burglarizing his home. Robert Garrett found his home on Nile Street burglarized early Thursday ...

12 June 2014

Army National Guards prepare for deployment as crisis unfolds in Iraq

Written by Roma Villavicencio, Posted in Local

Grants Pass, Ore.--  Dozens of Oregon Army National Guard soldiers and their families gathered for a town hall meeting Thursday night to talk about the upcoming mission. It could be an especially u ...

12 June 2014

Protest calls for Phoenix softball coach's return

Written by Matt Jordan, Posted in Local, Sports

Phoenix, Ore. –- Phoenix High School athletes and their parents took to the streets Thursday in support of a coach. They say Coach Jason Zanni was fired Monday for allegedly making an inappropria ...

12 June 2014

Dispensary generates money for Gold Hill

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Local, Politics, Economy, Health

Gold Hill, Ore. -- After only four days of business, Breeze Botanicals the medical marijuana dispensary in Gold Hill has already generated hundreds of dollars for the city. The managing owner, Brie ...

12 June 2014

Medford wages lower than national average

Posted in Local, Economy

Medford, Ore. -- New numbers released this week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found people who live in Medford make an average 11% less than the rest of the country While the numbers were releas ...

12 June 2014

HECC meets with leaders at SOU

Posted in Local

Ashland, Ore. -- Southern Oregon University leaders met with members of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission to talk about the future of Oregon's new education system. The HECC was appointed ...

12 June 2014

Frog Pond Hike

Posted in Tank of Gas Getaway

Relaxation time is over.  It's time to get the heart rate going as Joe Camarlinghi takes us trail blazing in the Red Butte's Wilderness for this edition of Tank of Gas Getaway.