11 July 2013

Northern California Gas Prices Down

Posted in Economy

Drivers in Northern California are seeing some welcome relief from the high gas prices. The state average is $3.98...however in Northern California they are seeing an average this month of $3.92. Th ...

11 July 2013

Curry County Residents May Face New Property Tax

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Curry county residents may be facing an increase in property taxes, ether voters o.k. it or not.A new proposal to fund public safety would ask voters in November for a $3.9 million property tax incr ...

10 July 2013

JaCo Sheriff Seeking Help Finding Missing Woman

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The Jackson County Sheriff's department is asking for your help Wednesday in locating a missing woman. 43 year-old Stephanie Anne Warner of Jacksonville was last seen the evening of July 4th in the ...

10 July 2013

Yreka Community Mixed About Homicide Investigation

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Charles Lara lives just down the street of the crime scene. This isn’t the first time police are investigating a homicide near his home.“I’ve lived here for 6 years and it just doesn’t bothe ...

10 July 2013

A Life or Death Situation: Woman in Need of Kidney

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Local

It all started out when Medford woman Sandy Matthews said she accidentally stepped on a tack, got a flesh eating disease, then was pumped full of antibiotics. She said doctors think those antibiotic ...

10 July 2013

Police: Bomb Threat Suspect A Well Known Scam Artist

Written by Craig Smullin, Posted in Local

A bomb threat evacuated the South Medford Walmart Tuesday night, and while the store is back open, Medford Police say this is the 3rd straight month the store has received a bomb threat. They do hav ...

10 July 2013

Deshae Wise Junior Olympic Hurdler

Posted in Joe's Journal

   A 13 year old Grants Pass Girl will head to the Junior Olympics in a couple weeks, to race in the 100 meter hurdles.   Deshae Wise hopes this is just the beginning of her track career, but she ...

10 July 2013

On The Lamb

Written by Travis Koch, Posted in Local

A pair of Barbados Sheep also known as Blackbellys and who share the looks of your typical goat breed have been somewhat of a mystery to drivers who reported seeing goats hanging out along Interstat ...

10 July 2013

Recalls Target 3 Klamath County Commissioners

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Local

Papers were filed Tuesday to recall Klamath County Commissioners Tom Mallams and Jim Bellet. The recall papers were filed by Shannon Roberts, who's strongly opposed to the commissioner's choice of C ...

09 July 2013

SFO Plane Crash Update

Posted in U.S. & World News

San Francisco, Cali.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board have talked to all four pilots aboard Asiana Flight 214. Jennifer Bjorklund reports.