13 June 2013

Hundreds Of Open Letters Found Near Onion Mountain

Written by Kyle Aevermann, Posted in Local

Hundred of letters litter the landscape. It's unclear if they were taken from mailboxes as part of an identity theft scam or if they were never delivered. But if you haven't recieved your mail rece ...

13 June 2013

Grants Pass Safeway Dealing With Thefts

Posted in Local

One Safeway in Grants Pass is getting hit with shoplifters who simply walk out without paying for their groceries. Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck says he wants to see an end to this pat ...

13 June 2013

Alternative Whitewater Adventures

Posted in Tank Of Gas Getaway 2013

 With perhaps some warmer weather on the way, you might be looking for a way to cool off. How about the river parks in grants pass and some new alternative ways to float the Rogue River.  ...

13 June 2013

Superstorm Sandy Car Bought In Washington State

Written by Travis Koch, Posted in Local

  How can you tell if a car has been damaged by water? A few ways: Test Drive it first- Thoroughly examine the vehicle by listening and feeling it operate. Try the highway, hillsides and in the ci ...

12 June 2013

Is Jackson Co. Administrator Paid Too Much?

Written by Craig Smullin, Posted in Local

As Jackson County deals with possibly-crippling budget cuts to social services, the Sheriff's Department, Libraries and much more... some citizens are crying foul. Saying Jackson County Administrato ...

12 June 2013

Oregon Senators Call For Declassification of Secret Information

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Local

This week Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, along with a bi-partisan group of other senators are speaking out. They're saying Oregonians and Americans deserve to know how much information about t ...

12 June 2013

Drought Hits Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Local

A scenic and sensitive area straddling the Oregon /California state line is now going dry. Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Manager Ron Cole says a dry area of the marsh is normally under two ...

12 June 2013

Jerry Newcomb One-Legged Green Belt

Posted in Joe's Journal

When trying to obtain a green belt in most of the Martial Arts, you need a lot of strength and balance in your lower body.  So if you have a prostetic leg like 53 year old Jerry Newcomb, you face s ...

12 June 2013

New Law Targets "Bogus" Non-Profits

Posted in Local

There's a potential game changer when it comes to non-profits and giving to charity. A groundbreaking new law targeting bogus non-profits and protecting donors gives Oregon's Attorney General new to ...

11 June 2013

Medford Arsonist Strikes Again

Posted in Local

Arson... yet again. It's the 12th time it's happened since last spring... a vacant house set on fire in Medford this morning. NBC-5's Roma Villavicencio reports.