28 November 2012

Vacant Medford House Fire

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Around 2:30 Wednesday morning a vacant home off West Jackson Street in Medford went up in flames. One nearby residence was evacuated while three others suffered damage from the blaze. No one was inj ...

28 November 2012

Wednesday Night's Powerball Reaches Record High

Posted in U.S. & World News

Gas stations and lottery facilities may will be extremely busy Wednesday, as people purchase those Powerball tickets! Wednesday's big drawing is the largest Powerball in history... $500 million doll ...

28 November 2012

Officials Call Overnight House Fire 'Suspicious'

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A fire engulfed a west Medford home early Wednesday and  officials are calling it suspicious. The call came in around 2:30, of a structure fire at a vacant house on West Jackson Street. Fire of ...

27 November 2012

Rock Thrown From Overpass Causes Rollover

Posted in Regional

Oregon State Police Troopers need your help in finding the person who threw a rock from an Interstate 5 overpass that injured one woman and caused her to lose control of her vehicle. The University ...

27 November 2012

$500 Million Powerball Jackpot

Written by Travis Koch, Posted in Local

Some call it the 'lucky store'. Rays Food Place in Jacksonville has hailed two multimillionaires since 2005 which has people lining up at the lone lottery machine inside, hoping to get lucky.

27 November 2012

Cartoonist Mike Royer

Posted in Joe's Journal

His work and illustrations strike a cord with many generations of Americans. Oregon born Mike Royer worked in the golden ages of both comics and Walt Disney.  The cartoonist retired back to his hom ...

27 November 2012

Dr. Siyad Returns Home

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Local

A Klamath Falls physician and his family had their lives put on 'hold' for three months due to a Homeland Security problem...that doctor was denied re-entry to the U.S. following a trip overseas. Dr ...

27 November 2012

RCC Enrollment Down

Written by Craig Smullin, Posted in Local

New numbers show enrollment is down at Rogue Community College - just over 4%. And while the decline in students isn't altogether unexpected... it is actually a good sign for our local economy. NBC- ...

27 November 2012

Sheriffs Canvass Campsite in MacCallum Murder Investigation

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Local

It was round two for the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office.  Authorities, for a second time, going through the crime scene where they believe 34-year-old Chris Maccallum was killed. About 10-people ...

27 November 2012

Mail Theft On The Rise In Douglas County

Posted in Local, Regional

It's that time of year when packages and holiday cards are being sent. Officials in Douglas County say they are already seeing an increase in mail theft. Officials say thieves are after gift cards, ...