16 April 2014

F-15 Night flights

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Local

Klamath Falls, Ore. - F-15 pilots are getting night flight training at Kingsley Field this week. Flying an F-15 is difficult enough during the day just imagine doing it in the dark. "We typically fi ...

15 April 2014

Ashland votes to ban plastic bags in grocery stores

Posted in Local, Politics

Ashland, Ore. -- In a first reading and vote the council voted 5 to 1 in favor of a plastic shopping bag ban Tuesday night. Under the ordinance stores would no longer be able to provide plastic bags ...

15 April 2014

Ashland puts final okay on limited temporary medical marijuana dispensary ban

Written by RaeAnn Christensen, Posted in Local, Politics, Health

Ashland, Ore. -- You could feel the tension in the room as the Ashland City Council went back and forth Tuesday night discussing once again a limited ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. In a seco ...

15 April 2014

Community Health Center reorganizing operations

Written by Kassi Nelson, Posted in Local

Medford, Ore. -- The Community Health Center is laying off eight full time employees in an attempt to meet financial challenges. CEO William North said they risk facing a several hundred thousand do ...

15 April 2014

Good fats vs. bad fats

Written by Kassi Nelson, Posted in Local

Medford, Ore. -- Are fats always to blame for weight gain? One dietitian said no, that shedding body fat doesn't mean eliminating fats from your diet. Jovan Duvall, a dietitian at Providence Hospita ...

15 April 2014

Medford School Board announces new superintendent

Written by RaeAnn Christensen, Posted in Local

Medford, Ore. -- The Medford School Board has announced its new superintendent as Dr. Brian Shumate of Louisville, Ky. Dr. Shumate is assistant Auperintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools in L ...

15 April 2014

Car fire damages three cars at Crater High School

Written by Travis Koch, Posted in Local

Central Point, Ore. -- Smoke could be seen from blocks away as Jackson County Fire District three worked to put out a vehicle fire. "It started under the hood, somewhere near the carburetor" said De ...

15 April 2014

Where does your federal income tax go?

Written by Travis Koch, Posted in Local, Politics, Economy

Phoenix, Ore. -- Where does your Federal Income Tax really go? It's the last day to file and peace activists are protesting government waste. Activists positioned at several Rogue Valley post office ...

15 April 2014

Boston bombing memorial

Posted in National & World News

Boston, Mass. --- (NBC News) The traditions that have defined the Boston Marathon for 118 years -- a joyous holiday for the city, thousands of triumphant runners streaking or limping across the fini ...

14 April 2014

Tax deadline clock is ticking

Written by RaeAnn Christensen, Posted in Local

Medford, Or. -- Mr. Liberty, Nathan DeFord is getting paid to motivate you to get your taxes done. He said, "if they don't hurry up there's not going to be any time left ."The tax clock is ticking q ...