30 May 2014

Congress moves to protect medical marijuana

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For the first time, Congress is taking action to protect – not condemn – medical marijuana use. Friday the GOP led U.S. House passed a measure that would prohibit the drug enforcement agency fr ...

24 May 2014

Car wash fundraiser for infant with cancer

Posted in Health, Local

Medford, Ore. --  A business owner is raising money for an infant with liver cancer. The owner of Salon Spark held a car wash and BBQ Saturday  to benefit baby Madison. She is currently in Portla ...

23 May 2014

Sams Valley Elementary students return to school

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Central Point, Ore. -- After two days of no school students at Sams Valley Elementary school returned to class Friday. The district closed the school to sanitize after a staff member died Tuesday ...

23 May 2014

Restaurant reviews spot food poisoning outbreaks

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Online restaurant reviews may provide more than a thumbs up or thumbs down; now health department officials are turning to the websites as a way to spot food poisoning outbreaks. The New York City D ...

22 May 2014

Hummus recall issued over possible Listeria contamination

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(NBC Bay Area) If you are planning to add hummus to your list of Memorial Day snacks, watch out. Food manufacturer Lansal has issued a voluntary recall on about 14,860 pounds of hummus and dip produ ...

22 May 2014

Healthy holiday grilling

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(NBC News)  Hamburgers and hot dogs are typical and tasty Memorial Day fare, but there are a few ways to make your cookout a little healthier. You may have heard cooking meats at high temperatures ...

22 May 2014

Hepatitis-C exposure warning for patients at Washington hospital

Posted in Health, Regional

Vancouver, Wa. -- Letters are on their way to patients outside of Portland after a fired hospital worker may have exposed those patients to Hepatitis-C. Peace-Health Southwest Medical Center in Vanc ...

21 May 2014

Group gathering signatures to label GMO foods in Oregon

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Medford, Ore. -- The battle against GMO's in Oregon is now moving on to labeling. Using the momentum of the GMO measure here in Jackson County the group "Oregon Right to Know" started gathering sign ...

21 May 2014

More mental health help on the horizon

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Health, Local

Medford, Ore. -- The state of Oregon is putting the most money ever toward mental health services, that's according to State Representative Peter Buckley (D-Ashland). The increased state funding mea ...

20 May 2014

Mental health services for young people a "grave situation"

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Health, Local

Grants Pass, Ore. -- When it comes to mental health care for kids and young adults in Southern Oregon, the situation is grave. That's according to a Rogue Regional Medical Center psychiatrist. On Mo ...