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10 July 2015

FDA issues painkiller warning

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(NBC News)  The labels on popular painkillers like Aleve and Advil already caution users about possible heart risks.  Now the Food and Drug Administration is strengthening those warnings. Instead ...

15 May 2015

Vitamin pill cuts skin cancer risk: researchers

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(NBC News) People who took a single vitamin pill twice a day cut their risk of the two most common forms of skin cancer by nearly a quarter, Australian researchers reported Wednesday. The vitamin is ...

13 May 2015

Police: don't chase bears with hatchet while drunk

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Mass. -- The North Adams Police Department in Massachusetts posted on their Facebook page that a man was caught trying to chase a bear through the woods with a dull hatchet, while drunk. // **Ch ...

23 April 2015

Bear sighting in Lithia Park

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Ashland, Ore. --- The Ashland Parks and Recreation department says a black bear was spotted in Lithia Park.They say a tourist snapped this photo Wednesday, April 22nd.They remind park-goers to hike ...

31 March 2015

Central Point Police warns against car break-ins

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Central Point, Ore. -- The Central Point Police Department is urging people to lock their car doors and keep personal belongings out of plain sight.  They say they responded to eight calls on Mond ...

26 March 2015

Pacific Power issues warning about employee impersonators

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Medford, Ore. -- Pacific Power has issued a warning about ATV-riders posing as pacific power employees.  Pacific Power and the Josephine County Sheriff's Office say there's a group of men riding A ...

13 February 2015

Salem putting up "Owl Warning" signs

Posted in Regional

Salem, Ore. -- Salem, Oregon is installing "Owl Warning" signs after several joggers were attacked.  The design was actually sent in by producers of 'The Rachel Maddow Show" after they used the si ...

15 January 2015

Medford Police continue to warn community about "Grandson Scam"

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Medford, Ore. -- Medford Police want you to be aware about a scam so you don't fall victim to it. Officials say a Medford resident was contacted by someone claiming to be her grandson who was in jai ...

20 October 2014

Halloweed? Denver Police warn about pot-infused candy

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Denver, Colo. -- (NBC News) The Denver Police Department is warning parents to keep an eye out for marijuana-laced candy in their children's trick-or-treat hauls this Halloween to ensure the only b ...

02 October 2014

Medford Police warn about another IRS scam

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Medford, Ore. -- Medford Police are warning about an IRS scam that's hitting the area.  Police say the caller tells the victim they owe taxes and they need to pay with a prepaid Green Dot, Visa, o ...