Anti-Bullying Rally

, Posted: Thu, October 11 2012 at 5:25 PM, Updated: Thu, October 11 2012 at 5:35 PM

Stop bullying now! That's the mission of a rally being held tonight at Vogel Plaza in Medford, where a number of organizations, politicians and even youth are raising awareness about one of the oldest and most pervasive problems for young people, bullying.

Not many are strangers to bullying. "It starts young and it's relentless," says Lacey Renae of the Maslow and Lotus Rising Project in medford.

As a child Renae tells us she was in constant fear of being treated differently, "I was homeless at certain points in childhood and it was really really difficult."

Now Renae works with at risk youth. She says, this generation's children are experiencing bullying at a whole new level because of social media.
"It's happening at school, on the bus, and then when they come home it's on their Facebook page. It's continuous every single day, they never get a break from it."

She also says children younger and younger are considering suicide as a way out, "Sometimes I'll work with an 11 year old boy or girl who is thinking about committing suicide."

So where does bullying begin. often it's in the schools. That's why we went to local administrators to ask them about the issue.

"Oregon has taken a pretty active aggressive approach on taking action against bullying," Medford School District Superintendent Phil Long tells us.

Tonight's rally coincides with "Safe Schools Week."  Five days of recognizing the Oregon Safe Schools bill, which requires teachers to report any kind of bullying and adds new classifications on dating violence. 
"To see these really young kids whose hearts are breaking, it's a really difficult issue to deal with," remarks Renae.

Local schools and organizations reminding the community we can't back down on bullying.

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