Huddleston trial day 3: Detective explains what murder suspect may have searched for online

, Posted: Fri, April 11 2014 at 6:22 PM, Updated: Wed, April 16 2014 at 1:23 PM

Medford, Ore. -- Friday was the third day of testimony in the Bourne Huddleston murder trial. Huddleston is accused of shooting and killing his wife Kristy in March 2012 at their home outside of Medford and before that, trying to hire a hitman to do it.

Day 3 of testimony

On Friday, prosecutors brought more law enforcement to the witness stand.

Medical examiner James Olson testified and provided his analysis of Kristy Huddleston's body. He said the gunshot wound to her head was most likely inflicted from up to a few feet away. 

Melissa Simons, a forensic scientist with the Oregon State Police examined blood evidence. She said she found what she believed to be blood on Huddleston's clothing.

Though, because there was no DNA testing, she said she could not be certain who's blood was on the fabric.  Later, Detective Steve Holuthus, with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office clarified why there was no DNA testing. He said due to Huddleston's statement to officers, they did not see a need to do DNA testing.

Detective talks about Huddleston's potential online activity

Detective Brandon Bloomfield with the Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force also took to the stand. Bloomfield inspected computers that were in Huddleston's possession. He said he  discovered what Huddleston may have looked at online.

"I found the user had been to a website and one of the things that would have been viewed at that website was captured in this article: 'Most common ways husbands murder their wives and get away with it' and at the bottom 'Most common ways wives murder their husbands and get away with it," said Bloomfield.

The drug Succinylcholine searched online

According to Bloomfield, there were also search results on Huddleston's laptop about the drug Succinylcholine. According to Olson, the drug is a body relaxer and paralytic that can be used during surgery.

One search result yielded an article about the substance titled "Succinylcholine: Is it the perfect murder weapon? Not exactly."

Bloomfield also said he was able to determine that a specific question was typed out into a search engine.

"The Google search specifically that would have been typed into the search bar was: Can Succinylcholine be slipped into food or drink?" recited Bloomfield.

Evidence suggesting Huddleston was involved with another woman

In addition to online searches, Detective Bloomfield said he found e-mails and pictures of Huddleston and Lori Roberts. Officers said Roberts' home was where Huddleston was arrested.

"It appears there was an e-mail exchange back and forth regarding wedding photographers," said Bloomfield.

The detective's testimony suggested Roberts and Huddleston may have had a romantic relationship during the time he was married to Kristy.

During her testimony earlier in the week, Roberts said she was under the assumption that Huddleston had divorced his wife.

An ominous text message?

Bloomfield also said he discovered a text message allegedly sent from Roberts to Huddleston the same month Kristy was killed.

"Are you still doing it?" recited Bloomfield from his notes regarding the text message.

While the text may sound ominous, the detective added that it's important to note the context of that text message is unknown.

What's next?

It's expected on Monday of next week, prosecutors will bring their last witness and the defense will begin putting their people on the stand.

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