Fiscal Cliff May Cut Into Medicare

, Posted: Fri, December 28 2012 at 7:10 PM, Updated: Fri, December 28 2012 at 7:28 PM

Should we reach the fiscal cliff with out a deal... Medicare will take a stab. That means numerous worries for millions of America's elderly who rely on the federal insurance and live on fixed incomes.

Leo and Willa-Beth Olson do recognize the United State's budgetary problem.
"We have more money coming out then we have coming in," says Leo Olson, "and that's what our nation's been doing for a long time."  

However, they also realize while a solution for the fiscal cliff eludes Congress - Medicare faces potential cutbacks.
"It leaves the people like us who are retired on a limb and someone is sawing on the wrong side of it," says Willa-Beth.

Reports indicate a trip over the cliff means 29% cuts to doctor's medicare reimbursements. Two blades making the cuts: the 1990's SGR Formula which goes into effect in January and sequestration from the 2011 Budget Control Act.

"I feel bad for people who are on medications," comments Willa-Beth Olson. "A lot of them have to choose between medication and food. What are they going to do, just curl up and die?"

For fifteen years Congress has delayed or frozen SGR spending cuts... but it still means unease for elderly everywhere.

"It isn't fair to the elderly to always have to worry," says Mary Campbell of Medford.

"They always hit the schools, seniors, medicare, and the defense department," remarks Janie Wooton. "I don't see Congress cutting benefits and stuff they send to help other people over seas."

Ultimately, everyone - including the Olson's, just want Congress to work things out ...
"Stop acting like kindergarten kids and start acting like adults and stop fighting. it's really really a disgrace and millions of people are going to be hurt and hurt bad," says Willa-Beth.
     .... work it out in the best interest of the people.

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