Gas Prices Soar Overnight

, Posted: Fri, October 5 2012 at 5:40 PM, Updated: Fri, October 5 2012 at 6:33 PM

Gas prices skyrocket overnight for Californians: jumping 30 cents within hours.

Residents, and even gas station employees are in shock:  prices are changing every few minutes. Some California gas stations are soaring over 5 dollars a gallon.

Overnight, California's gas prices jumped 30 cents.
"It's a rip off," says Patricia Crossen who lives in Mount Shasta. During a short visit to and from the dentist she says gas prices skyrocketed.

"It had already gone up to $4.61, 20 cents in 20 minutes," she continues. Now she's filling up."I'm afraid if I waited five minutes it would go up again. Every minute is precious."

She's not alone. Across California  gasoline is going up, an average of 30 cents in 24 hours. Northern California is just seeing the spike this morning. In the last 1/2 hours prices have finally jumped 30 cents. Here at this Spirit it was $4.61 this morning, now it's $4.91 per gallon."

Neighboring stations still sat at $4.60 per gallon earlier today, but employees told us that could soon change "Whenever we receive the fax from the company we will see and raise the prices," employees tell us.

California's fuel industry isn't running out of gasoline. In fact supplies are only 2.5% lower than this time last year, but recent refinery and pipeline mishaps for Tesoro, Valero, Shell, Exxon, and Chevron -- are said to be behind the increase.

"Every day we change the prices, tired of that. Customers don't like that," says Arjun Singh who owns the Yreka Valero. He says while some stations in California are actually shutting down their pumps to wait it out, it doesn't make sense to do that in Siskiyou County. "Customers still coming here, they have no choice, they have to drive to work."

Like Crossen, who still has to travel. "Why is the gas that's in the ground already paid for by the station or their pumping place, going up in price. I can see it for future ones, but this is ridiculous."

Pain the pump at an excruciating all time high.

According to analysts prices may come down, but it depends on fewer supplier mishaps and if California will allow an early change to their cheaper, winter fuel blend.

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