Heat Blamed for Rising Corn Prices

, Posted: Tue, July 10 2012 at 6:29 PM, Updated: Tue, July 10 2012 at 6:41 PM

Too little rain, too much heat and for too long. Entire corn crops in the midwest are dying.

It means corn prices across the country are starting to skyrocket. Nationally, prices have gone up 30-cents since Monday. However, here in the Rogue Valley, we're not feeling it quite yet.

"We're getting corn out of California," said Food-4-Less Produce Manager, Ray Nouguier.

While corn prices in the Valley are relatively low, that could soon change.

"You figure if they have problems back there, they'll start pulling out of California which they don't normally do and it'll affect us," said Nouguier.

The hot weather, not good for much of the nation. But for corn farmers in our area, the heat is a welcome change after getting so much rain this year.

"It's good for us as long as it doesn't get over 100, the corn will kind of shut down a little bit. So as along as it stays here in the 90-degrees...it makes the corn mature a bit faster," said Seven Oaks Farm Owner, Jerry Mefford.

However, with temperatures expected around 100-degrees later this week, Mefford said he's just hoping the Rogue Valley doesn't get hit with the same sweltering heat hitting the midwest.

It's also not just corn prices expected to go up. If the heatwave continues, the cost of meat is expected to rise as well since many animals eat corn in their feed. Add to that, any processed foods containing corn could also spike.

Produce Manager, Ray Nouguier said he's already seen a jump in cost for celery and lettuce. He said it's a result of people in the midwest, pulling from our supply on the west coast.

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