Hyrup faces Judge Barnack

, Posted: Wed, March 7 2012 at 6:22 PM, Updated: Wed, March 7 2012 at 8:47 PM

In court Wednesday afternoon, Matthew Hyrup, 27, plead 'not guilty' to charges of assault, unlawful sexual penetration, and sodomy.

Medford police say last month, Hyrup beat and sexually penetrated his 18 month old stepson, Cayden.  

We spoke exclusively to the little boy's dad.

"Right now, I am trying to keep my mind off of that part as much as possible, just leaving that up to the courts basically. Because, you can't really say he did it until he's proven guilty," said Cayden's father, Kevin Brewer.  

He says he hasn't seen his son cayden since August. There's a restraining order against him.

"There's been a lot of times when I feel guilty about it and I should have one been there to protect him. Or at least, been around so he wouldn't have had to be in that situation, or to where I could have done something. But the way things have happened in the past, changed it to where i couldn't," explain Brewer.  

Hyrup married Cayden's mother just last month.

Officials could not give us a status update on little Cayden.They say the boy is not listed. He could have been discharged or asked for additional privacy.

As for Hyrup's attorney, he says he's still waiting on evidence from the state.

"I would expect that discovery to come within the next week, " said Justin Rosas, attorney for Matthew Hyrup.

He also says his client is being harassed in jail because of the nature of the allegations.

Supporters for Hyrup refused to speak with us this afternoon.

"It was interesting to see 20 or 30 people outside of the courtroom in support of mr. hyrup, " said Rosas.

In a previous interview, family and friends for Hyrup said the allegations against him don't make sense and are flat out false.

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