Could Tax Reform Be the Answer for Middle Class America?

, Posted: Thu, August 23 2012 at 5:45 PM, Updated: Thu, August 23 2012 at 6:21 PM

Politicians say a deadline is looming: If tax reform isn't made by April of next year we'll be in serious trouble.
Senator Wyden visited Southern Oregon today with his ideas for fixing taxes.
Middle class America is suffering, according to a recent poll by Pew Research Center.
Wyden hopes his work on tax reform will save people from reaching a "fiscal cliff."   
Pew Research is calling 2000 to 2010 the worst decade for middle class American's in modern history.
"When Washington kicks the can down the road again and again," Democratic Oregon Senator Ron Wyden remarks, "what American's get is a really kicked can."
The Senator addressed Ashland rotarians this afternoon, sharing his bipartisan tax reform proposal which he hopes will stimulate the economy and increase jobs.
"The last time you had tax reform along the lines I'm talking about, the country created 6.9 million jobs, no one can say it created all those jobs but it certainly helped," Wyden states.
But not everyone is as
"The middle class has had it."
Al Smith, Ashland resident and retired fighter pilot, feels the fiscal cliff has already come.
"They've shipped all those jobs away. They say they're hiring, but most of the hiring is for inconsequential service jobs," says Smith.
And Wyden says that has to stop,"Right now the tax code rewards American companies for doing business overseas, we take away that break and use it to create red white and blue jobs, jobs right here in America.
He also plans to triple American's standard tax deductions.
Still, Smith isn't ready to jump on board, "The dollar is going down, tell me something good."
Smith's feelings, along with many other people of the middle class, is is part of the problem Wyden contends. "We're seeing the consumer, which is 50% of the economic is still cautious."
Consumer caution and a lack of jobs, prompting Wyden to push for tax reform.
Wyden's full proposal can be found his website:

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