Masked Group Assaults Man

, Posted: Fri, September 21 2012 at 6:08 PM, Updated: Fri, September 21 2012 at 6:33 PM

A Grants Pass man is sent to the hospital after a group assaults him, many wearing face masks.

A woman who knows the man, found a him in a pool of blood, after being beaten around 9 Thursday evening. She says the violent act is part of a bad drug deal from wanna-be-gang members.

A violent scene in this Grants Pass neighborhood.  "Once he was down on the ground started kicking and hitting him with the maglight and then ran off, " says Lori Nelson. She is the godmother of one of the people with 18 year old Jacob Coates when he was assaulted by up to 7 men - in their teens and early twenties - most wearing face masks.

"When I seen him before the ambulance got there, there was a pool of blood, there was blood everywhere. I've never seen that much blood," Nelson continues.

The scene happened on the corner of North West C Street and Dimmick. According to police, at least one assailant used a large flashlight to hit him.
"At least one of them was described as a maglight that was used," states Dan Evans, Detective Sargeant of Grants Pass. "You can tell by the size there is a lot of weight to it and you could suffer a lot of damage by it especially if hit in the head."

Police are still investigating the assault, but Nelson has a pretty good idea it wasn't random. "It's drug related. Jake had been turned in, he went to jail he's got to go to court. I think I know who it was. This person was a coward, so he had to bring his friends - wanna be gangs."

Coates was transported to Three Rivers Community Hospital- where he required multiple staples and sutures.

"These people were wearing masks, like Halloween masks. Your a coward.. you... they're cowards," states Nelson.

Leaving Nelson more angry than frightened by the actions of those in her neighborhood.

Jacob Cates was released from the hospital. One of the attackers did not have a mask on. He's described as a white male in his late teens  or early 20's, with short dark hair.

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