Jackson County Assistant DA Accused of Being A Slumlord

, Posted: Thu, September 20 2012 at 7:17 PM, Updated: Thu, September 20 2012 at 8:49 PM

These are 4 of the six units on Main Street in Phoenix.

"There's bugs, mold, pipes leak. The owners have been told time after time and nothing happens," one anonymous tenant tells us.

This is the floor of one of the units shot from the downstairs garage - Here's what we saw - a gaping hole, mold covering the ceiling.
Walls patched with plywood...what appears to be junk piled against one of the unit walls...warped and peeling front doors...loose supports..a laundry list of concerns.

"We opened the door and there was about 2 thousand cockroaches on the floor," says another anonymous tenant.

We spoke with four different people all too afraid to go on camera...fearing they'd be evicted if they complain..
"I don't think it's livable conditions."
"He hasn't done *beep* in 5 years - he's a slumlord to the kilt."

They say they're afraid because the landlord is a powerful person.
The units were bought for $293,000 in 2004 by Micheal Heckert and his wife - Jackson County Assistant  District Attorney Beth Heckert.

"It makes me really sick to think that that's our DA and they're slumlords."

We contacted Beth Heckert she released this written statement:

"We...purchased it was in run down condition...we replaced heating and ac units in the main building  ...to our knowledge at this time there are no outstanding concerns that are not receiving our attention. All of our tenants know how to reach us and seem to be unafraid to do so frequently"

We also spoke with the Phoenix City Building Inspector who said he had nothing on file to indicate any laws are being broken.

But in response to that open ceiling which you saw, the center for non-profit legal services's says ....
"If it's literally open, that's breaking statutes because that's a lack of weatherproofing."

In the meantime, tenants say they have few options...
 "What do you do, if you complain you get evicted. He's thrown that in our face. he's said, 'I'll kick you out.'"
Fearful of having nowhere to go.

The apartments are rented for 450 a month without the requirement of rental history or good credit.

In fairness, we spoke with one tenant off camera who told us she's happy with the low rent and living condition.

(The voices in this story have been altered at the request of those we spoke with.)

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