New Charges Made in Helium Death Case

, Posted: Thu, May 24 2012 at 5:33 PM, Updated: Fri, May 25 2012 at 7:04 PM

The death of 14 year old Ashley Long shocked family and friends, when the young girl suddenly died after inhaling helium in February.
This week a second arrest is made in the case. This time a 32 year old man, charged with criminally negligent homicide.
Struggling to move forward - that's how Ashley's mother describes moving past the events of a night in February when she found out her daughter had died... after inhaling helium.
Now, she is trying to find strength as she prepares for two arraignments in June, related to her daughter's death.
Without comfort.
"They had no regards. I have no idea why they were partying with kids."
Lori Earp, the mother of 14 year old Ashley Long, describes her daughter as a beautiful young girl.
"I want them to know, Ashley wasn't a party-er, she got picked up by this stranger..."
In February Earp says she sent Ashley to a sleep over. While there, 27 year old Katherine Mcaloon picked up Ashley and other children, ages 13-16, bringing them to her home. There the minors were served alcohol, marijuana, and inhaled helium from a tank.
"The woman just concocted the whole night," says Earp.
Officials now releasing that 32 year old man, Richard Mowery, was involved in the helium use.
"The helium tank was already at the house, but it wasn't something that the juveniles were using. It was in a box," says District Attorney Beth Heckert. "He is the person who went over and got it out of the box and started using it himself and showing them how to use it."
Autopsy results show that Ashley died from an air embolism caused by inhalation of helium from a pressurized canister.
"For that stupid 32 year old man to shove it in her face, without knowing anything about her..."
And Earp says the upcoming arraignments bring her little closure.
"This whole process is going to be very challenging. Just getting awareness out is the only positive thing I've been able to take from it."
Getting the word out that something seemingly harmless, can easily become deadly.
Katherine Mcaloon will be arraigned on June 1st. Richard Mowery on June 5.

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