30 August 2013

Ashland Adds Three New Dog Friendly Parks

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Ashland dog owners are cashing in! The city is working on a parks and trails map...and that adds up to more dog friendly parks around town! Ashland has added BlueBird park and Glenwood park to its l ...

29 August 2013

Electronic Billboard Controversy

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Electronic billboards are taking center stage at the Medford city council meeting today. Some say the bright lights and flashing displays are distracting to drivers and the current ordinance may be ...

26 August 2013

Health Advisory Lifted

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A health advisory at a Curry County beach has been lifted. According to the Oregon Health Authority, the water at Harris beach is now testing at normal levels. The advisory was issued on July 24th ...

21 August 2013

New Trails Proposed For Roxy Ann

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Roxy Ann Peak may become the new home of a thirty-four mile world class bike trail. Medford city officials made an $8000 investment, contracting with the International Mountain Bike Association to d ...

15 August 2013

Northern California Fire Shuts Down I-5

Written by Roma Villavicencio, Posted in Regional

A close call for Alicia Louviere Thursday evening when she came home to find flames in her backyard. "When I saw the flames and the smoke I just knew that the house was gone but thank God its not," ...

15 August 2013

Some County Roads Will Not Be Maintained

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Due to funding restrictions, roads not to code and gravel roadways will no longer by paved or maintained by Jackson county. The decision was made by county commissioners yesterday. Officials say tim ...

14 August 2013

Gas Prices on the Decline in California

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If you live in, or are traveling through California, there's good news! Gas prices are down again this week.Prices at the pump are down another six cents to $3.86 per gallon, mirroring a national de ...

08 August 2013

Police Seek Prospect Woman For Questioning

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The Jackson County Sheriff's office is asking for your help in locating a wanted prospect woman. Authorities say 32 year old Mindy Bowen left the area on July 29th after her boyfriend Christopher La ...

07 August 2013

Amber Alert Issued In Oregon

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News Release from: Oregon State Police AMBER ALERT ACTIVATION IN OREGON IN SEARCH FOR MISSING CHILDREN, SUSPECT OUT OF SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA (PHOTOS) At the request of San Diego County, California ...

06 August 2013

Homeless Teens Need Your Help

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Thanks to an anonymous donor's offer, homeless teens at the Maslow Project will have a chance to further their dreams and their educations. Provided, that the Maslow Project can raise $5-thousand do ...