15 January 2015

Study shows sedentary behavior responsible for more deaths than obesity

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A new study finds sedentary behavior is responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity.Researchers calculated height, weight and exercise statistics for more than 300,000 adults over 12 years.They ...

07 January 2015

An avacado a day...?

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Penn. --- (NBC News) A new study completed at Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania, has shown that avocados can help lower bad cholesterol.Penn State's Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton lead a ...

31 December 2014

Researchers say weight comments lead to gaining weight

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People who criticize women about their waistlines may prompt them to gain even more weight.Researchers in Canada studied a group of college-age women for about eight months, tracking their weight an ...

15 December 2014

Laughing gas could treat depression?

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The same laughing gas you get in the dentist's chair could help treat severe depression.Researchers found the mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen eased symptoms in 20 people whose depression did not ...

11 December 2014

Raw milk consumption increases, more people sick

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Raw milk consumption appears to be on the rise as are the number of people getting sick from it.According to the CDC, the average number of outbreaks caused by contaminated- unpasteurized milk quadr ...

04 December 2014

Doctors urge public to get flu shots despite effectiveness

Written by Kyle Aevermann, Posted in Health, Local

Medford, Ore. -- The Centers for Disease control issued a statement Thursday saying the current influenza virus has mutated, making this year's vaccination less effective than in most years. "The m ...

09 November 2014

Health experts skeptical about new GMO potato crop

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Boise, Ida. -- A new genetically modified potato could be changing the way the public sees french fries.  The US Department of Agriculture approved the bruise resistant potato on Friday. They say i ...

21 October 2014

Ebola: new guidelines

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(NBC News)  The Centers for Disease Control has issued new guidelines for health care workers treating Ebola patients.According to the new rules health care workers must be repeatedly trained on ho ...

13 October 2014

Michigan girl dies from Enterovirus D-68

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(NBC News) Michigan toddler Madeline Reid died Friday in her parents' arms.  Doctors say she'd been battling Enterovirus D-68 when her heart failed.  Lab tests will have to confirm the Enterovirus ...

30 September 2014

Ebola - "We Will Stop It Here"

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Dallas, Texas -- (NBC News)  The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States. The patient began showing symptoms after arriving from Liberia on ...