10 February 2014

Drivers being issued tickets for honking at picketers

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Some drivers have been punished by law enforcement for honking in support of Medford teachers.   A local woman was slapped with a $160 ticket after she says she was pulled over by a Jackson County ...

10 February 2014

Sewer pipes back up on Gold Hill property

Written by Kyle Aevermann, Posted in Local

Gold Hill, Ore. -- Used toilet paper and feces have been spilling out of an overflow sewer line for nearly a month now on the 800 block of 2nd avenue.  Joice Pappe has seen the overflow fill onto ...

10 February 2014

Caught on cam: Sprague River shooting

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Local

Sprague River, Ore. -- A Sprague River man was arrested last week on charges of attempted murder...and the man he's accused of trying to kill caught the shooting on tape. Clint Bimemiller says he wa ...

10 February 2014

Proud Olympic dad talks about Laurenne Ross

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Local, Sports

Klamath Falls, Ore. -- Klamath Union High School graduate Laurenne Ross is a member of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team competing in Sochi. Robert Ross says his daughter Laurenne was fearless on the slopes ...

10 February 2014

Grants Pass man featured on 'Jay Leno's Garage'

Posted in Local, Entertainment

Grants Pass, Ore. -- (Grants Pass Daily Courier) Randy Grubb's Decopods look like something Flash Gordon or Felonius Gru and his minions might dig. Jay Leno certainly did. Grubb, Grants Pass' very ...

09 February 2014

Substitutes prepare for class Tuesday; Teachers and students uneasy

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Medford, Ore. -- Buses were loaded with hundreds of substitute teachers Sunday. Student, Pascal-Jumeax Brasseaur and teachers rallied around the school district to see who will be filling in start ...

08 February 2014

No deal: Teacher contract negotiations continue

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Medford, Ore. -- The Medford School District and the Medford Teacher's Association wrapped up negotiations again Saturday and say that they still cannot agree. The M.E.A. and the district have bee ...

07 February 2014

Snow storm hits parts of Southern Oregon

Written by Roma Villavicencio, Posted in Local, Weather

Jackson County, Ore. -- Snowfall hit parts of Southern Oregon Friday. Something Boy Scout troop master, Bob Bernhardt said he and his scouts had been waiting for. "I think it's great that we finall ...

07 February 2014

Oregon Department of Transportation prepared for storms

Posted in Local, Weather

After record breaking temperatures two weeks ago winter is back again. The National Weather Service in Medford has issued a winter storm warning for multiple areas of Southern Oregon but Steve Sills ...

07 February 2014

Cost analysis of opening schools during a strike

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Medford, Ore. -- So just how much is it costing the district to bring in substitute teachers if it comes down to that? The district says the roughly 600 MEA union teachers normally cost the district ...