21 January 2013

Josephine County Tax District

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Josephine County Commissioners voted unanimously to form a permanent law-enforcement tax district.  The tax district would come with a maximum rate of 1.85 per $1000 dollars of assessed property va ...

18 January 2013

Final Inauguration Preps Underway

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Washington D.C.

Washington DC prepares for the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. Tracie Potts reports.

16 January 2013

Local Law Enforcement Reacts to Gun Control Plan

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Despite President Obama's push to ban assault weapons, some Southern Oregon Sheriffs vow to uphold the constitution. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters says he will not support a ban on assault wea ...

16 January 2013

Obama Unveils Gun Control Plan

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It's the most sweeping change to firearms laws in nearly two decades.

16 January 2013

Congress Considers Sandy Aid

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House set to vote on $51 billion relief package. Danielle Leigh reports.

15 January 2013

First Day On Capitol Hill For Congress

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On capitol hill -today is the first full day for the 113th congress. Lawmakers will get to work debating legislation that would provide 51 billion dollars in disaster relief aid - for victims of hur ...

10 January 2013

Voters Will See GMO Measure In 2014

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A petition filed along with 6700 signatures cleared the elections clerks office Monday. That means voters will have their say on whether or not genetically modified crops should be banned in Jackson ...

07 January 2013

Battle Brewing Over Obama Picks

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Republicans promise tough hearings on nominees for Secretary of Defense and CIA Director. Danielle Leigh reports.

06 January 2013

Senator Ron Wyden Addresses Crowd in Town Hall Meeting

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From the fiscal cliff to the debt ceiling, the drama in Washington may be just beginning. And one man many Oregonian's have their eye's on is senator Ron Wyden. He was in Southern Oregon today to ta ...

05 January 2013

Senator Wyden to Visit Southern Oregon for Town Hall Meetings

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Well if you want to speak your mind about issues in the community, tomorrow may be the perfect opportunity. Senator Ron Wyden will be holding the first of his annual town hall meetings of 2013 tomor ...