25 February 2013

Four OSP Troopers Head To Josephine County

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4 Oregon State Troopers from the Jackson County office have been transferred to the Josephine County office, leaving Jackson county with 12 state troopers. Officials made the decision after deep bud ...

20 February 2013

Discovery Channel's "Weed Country"

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From the Discovery Channel producers of the popular TV series "Gold Rush", "Deadliest Catch", "American Choppers" and "Dirty Jobs", comes a new series called "Weed Country." It takes place in Northe ...

19 February 2013

Weather Mayhem

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We told you it was coming and it came - caused some problems and went on it's way - the big "S" word - snow. Sunrise Meteorlogist Adam Colpack tracked the storm, NBC5s RaeAnn Christensen tracked th ...

19 February 2013

Hand Sanitizer Eyed In Hospital Fire

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Portland, Ore. (KGW)

Investigators believe sanitizer and static electricity may have sparked fire that burned young girl in her bed. Mike Benner reports.

14 February 2013

Senate Considers Immigration Reform

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Washington D.C.

First hearing held amid bipartisan calls for new reforms. Brian Mooar reports.

13 February 2013

Love Online: Avoiding Scams

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How do you know your online sweetheart is real? Chris Clackum reports.

13 February 2013

A Bill Goes Before Senate To Increase Maximum Fines For Texting And Driving

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Texting behind the wheel could soon cost you $2000 if a bill presented by the House is approved this legislative session.  Two bills are being tossed around by lawmakers this morning, to put a heft ...

12 February 2013

Douglas County Considers Private Medical School

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The city of Roseburg voted to fund a $30,000 feasibility to determine if a private medical school should be built in Douglas county. The school would be not-for-profit, meaning it would be tax exem ...

11 February 2013

ODOT Teaming Up With Police To Curb Texting While Driving

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Starting today through the rest of the month the Oregon Department of Transportation is teaming up with law enforcement. Their target? Drivers who speed, don't wear seat belts, don't buckle up thei ...

08 February 2013

K-12 Oregon Student Enrollment Increases

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For the first time in five years, there is growth in student enrollment statewide. Oregon's K-12 student enrollment increased by over 27-hundred students over the 2011-2012 enrollment period, bringi ...