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, Written by Craig Smullin, Posted: Tue, March 27 2012 at 5:24 PM, Updated: Tue, March 27 2012 at 5:34 PM

The city of Medford's building inspector says he was close to closing the Camelot Court apartments... instead it was deemed substandard, and the landlord was given 30 days to improve conditions.
    "I mean obviously they need to get some things done."
    City of Medford Building Inspector Hugh Fechtler is appalled by the things he saw earlier this month at West Main Street's Camelot Court apartments.
    "It's very disgusting."
   Yet Fechtler stopped short of condemning the building.
    "Substandard condition, it's not gotten to the point that it's dangerous yet."
    While plumbing issues abound, Fechtler says the mold is more than likely the result of residents not getting fresh air into their apartment.
    "You're comfortable saying it's the tenants not the landlord for the mold?"
   "I would say so."
    Busted pipes in both buildings has forced the landlord to recently pump out 14-hundred gallons of fluid... yet tenants can still see sewer water.
    "It's under their floor space, they're not exposed to it unless they go down there."
   Fechtler sent this letter to the property manager, Jeff Mailley, on March 2nd... detailing the apartments 15 violations.
    "I've told him, you have a violation you must make these repairs... and they're doing so."
    Mailley declined to comment, but even a seasoned veteran like Fechtler was disgusted by what he saw... saying if it was any worse he would have condemned the building.
   "It's very disgusting but that doesn't make it to where that building needs to be vacated. That's up to the landlord, the owners and the tenants."
   Fechtler doesn't think it's appropriate to call the owner a slumlord, saying it's an old building that needs a lot of work.
     Fechtler says the residents told him that they were holding back on rent due to the substandard conditions... that's something experts say you shouldn't do before consulting a lawyer or consumer credit counselor.

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