Day 15: Patricia Maccallum begins crying during trial

, Posted: Fri, December 13 2013 at 3:36 PM, Updated: Fri, December 13 2013 at 3:39 PM

     Could Christopher Maccallum's killer still be out there? That's the question defense attorney's raised during the 15th day of the murder trial of Patricia Maccallum.

     For the first time, tears welled up in Medford woman Patricia Maccallum's eyes. She's accused of murdering her husband, Chris Maccallum, at a Northern California campsite last year.

    Patricia's emotion poured out as her attorney, Bill Duncan, referenced Chris' mother... who sits in the front row each day at trial. "She misses her son," Charles Dodge tells us of Chris' mother.

    But now with that trial about to go the jury, the defense is trying to point fingers elsewhere.

     During closing arguments duncan went to great lengths attacking Patricia's ex-boyfriend, Jeremiah Hill. Duncan reminded the jury of inconsistencies in Hill's testimony. In court, Hill said he stopped dating patricia for her children's sake... but he told detectives it was because Patricia asked him to leave.

     Duncan also says Hill's alibi ended at 10:30 the night of Chris' death.

   Jeremiah Hill's phone records were never examined. He was never named a person of interest. The defense attorney argued police should have investigated other parties. Just one more reason, Duncan says, the jury can in no way find his client guilty.

   "I don't want them to just give up on the investigation because they think they have the killer," Tricia's father, John Singley tells us, "... I think they need to just keep looking because they don't have the person that did it."

     This trial, now in it's 15th day... just hours from a conclusion... the tension continues to build.

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