Family Members Grieve Loss After Fatal Shooting

, Posted: Tue, August 21 2012 at 6:23 PM, Updated: Wed, August 22 2012 at 11:18 PM

Tonight 49-year-old Mark Corsbie's family is grieving.

"He meant the world to me...he was my only partner, we were high school sweethearts," said Rebecca Corsbie. While she and Mark are divorced, they both lived in the same home and still calls him her husband.

"It's not fair my dad got taken away," said Corsbie's daughter, Amanda.

Sheriff's Office: Fatal Shooting Appears to be Self Defense

Corsbie, who lived in Medford, was shot at a White City home Monday afternoon  after allegedly trying to force his way in. The resident then shot him. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office said it appeared to be self defense.

Police said on Monday, 911 calls came in around 1:30pm. According to residents Corsbie was panicked, knocking on multiple doors, trying to get into houses and claiming someone was chasing him.

No one we spoke to knows at this point if that was true or false.

Corsbie's family wondered why no one else answered their doors to respond to his pleas for help.

"Is it just because my dad looked like he was a gangster so they're just not gonna care?" Asked 17-year-old Amanda Corsbie, when she heard her father had gone door-to-door.

Despite his appearance, family members said he was never involved in a gang and did not use drugs.

Family said they received an unintentional call from Corsbie's cell phone around 1:30. They say they could hear Mark in distress.

Family Describes Corsbie as Devoted Family Man who Turned Over a New Leaf

Family members said Corsbie did have a criminal past. He was convicted of second degree robbery in 2004 and served 70 months in prison. But since he's been out, his family said he's turned over a new leaf.

"Has a big heart, loved his family and the Lord," said Amanda.

The homeowner who shot Corsbie is back at home. NBC 5 tried to speak with the man, but we were told the family is not making any statements.

Family Wonders if Race Played a Role

"My dad would be sitting in prison right now if it was the other way around because he has tattoos, a criminal history, my dad was Puerto Rican," said Amanda.

Corsbie's family said they're wondering if race may have played a role.

 The family said while Corsbie was in prison, he was diagnosed with a mental illness, but they say he hasn't shown symptoms since he's been out.

The last time they saw him was Sunday night before he left to hang out with friends unknown to his partner or children. Rebecca Corsbie said he began socializing with new people at the end of last week. The family said it's atypical behavior because Corsbie usually spends all his time with the family at home.

Now the family is left trying to put together puzzle pieces that, at this point, just aren't fitting.

Broken Plans, Dashed Dreams

17-year-old Amanda said she'll be turning 18 in just 10 days and now, she's sad her father won't be there to celebrate with her.

"We had plans," recalled Amanda Corsbie.

Mark Corsbie leaves behind a wife, four children and four grandchildren.

Trying to Move Forward

Ashley Shergill, one of Corsbie's daughter said she plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit and she's looking into getting an attorney.

The family said they do not have the money to pay for Mark Corsbie's funeral. They intend to start a Facebook page and hold a car wash to raise money.


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