Glazier's Remains Shown to Jury

, Written by Craig Smullin, Posted: Tue, February 7 2012 at 6:19 PM, Updated: Tue, February 7 2012 at 6:31 PM

Jurors get their first look at Kaelin Glazier's remains in day 5 of the William Simmons murder trial.
      Some truly chilling images... but due to the nature of the case, this being a 15 year old victim... we at NBC-5 have decided not to show the pictures of Ms. Glazier's remains.
    Oregon State Police Detective Jeffrey Dovci was the lead forensic scientist at the scene in April 2008 when Kaelin Glazier's remains were found in a field off of Haven Road in Ruch... 12 years after she went missing.
     "The bones were actually kind of wrapped in the vegetation, the only way to remove them is by hand."
     Detective Dovci and his team uncovered Kaelin's necklace, shoes, and ring, as well as 8-feet of duct tape on the body... which Dovci says wasn't buried at all.
     "They're all on the top of the ground, there are none that are buried, none down in the dirt."
    Dovci created this diagram to show how the body was positioned.       Based on the positioning and the way Glazier's shirt was bunched up on her upper torso, he says Kaelin was likely dragged to the scene.
   "Generally when you see that when it's up like that, the hands back, it has the appearance that someone's dragged them by the feet."
   The evidence was shipped to Portland where OSP DNA Unit scientist Heather Feaman looked for useful dna... she said the dna found on the duct tape did not belong to the defendant William Simmons.
     "William Simmons is excluded."
    FEaman said the useful DNA was likely worn down by the elements.
   "Being exposed to freezing and thawing, the UV exposure is much more detrimental than something left inside at room temperature."
    Simmons Uncle Don Cheadle then took the stand saying very little of substance... telling prosecutors he just doesn't remember.
    "On the evening of the 6th of November 1996?
   " No."
    "You don't recall a single thing about it?"
    "No I don't it's been too many years ago."
    After Cheadle testified his sister, Barbara Simmons the defendants mother took the stand... she will be back in court finishing her testimony tomorrow morning.

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