Governor Passes Immigrant Driver's Card Bill

, Posted: Wed, May 1 2013 at 5:47 PM, Updated: Wed, May 1 2013 at 6:17 PM

Today, the Governor signs into law a bill that allows undocumented immigrants and those without proper documentation... the chance to get drive legally with a drivers card.

Senate Bill 833 passed. It's creating quite the controversy. This as the Oregon Department of Transportation expects a surge of 84,000 people to apply for the driver's card.

For White City resident Kelly Miller it's all about the insurance.
"I was in Grants Pass and they rammed the back of me. Because they didn't have a driver's license they didn't have insurance, it went on my insurance."
After the accident, she says her insurance went up 50 dollars a month.

Today , Governor Kitzhaber sided with Miller and other's of her point of view, signing into law Senate Bill 833. It allows undocumented immigrants..or others without the proper paperwork... to get a driver's license.

Of course not everyone agrees. We received numerous comments from our viewers on Facebook, against the move:

George Herrick says: "If somebody breaks the law does it mean you can break the same law. no, it's still illegal."
Scott Knowles: "... if you get caught driving illegally you should have your car impounded and if an illegal, be subject to instant deportation. That should cut down on it instead of being 'tolerant.'"

There are limitations to the card which is only intended for driving, you can't use it to vote, board a plane, or obtain state or federal benefits.
"For community safety it's very wise, on that level alone it's a benefit to the community."

It's valid for only four years — half as long as a standard Oregon license. It costs $64 dollars to obtain, $44 dollars to renew. Four dollars more than a normal license.
"It's not that I want to give out extra things for undocumented immigrants, but I think it's better..."

The new law takes effect January 1st 2014.

 There are other states considering similar proposals and New Mexico, Illinois, Washington and Utah have similar licenses or permits.  

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