Heroes Save Drowning Man

, Posted: Sun, August 5 2012 at 7:07 PM, Updated: Sun, August 5 2012 at 7:19 PM

Don Shoop was sitting near this pool at the Jackson Well Springs on Saturday afternoon when he heard commotion...

"All I heard was a lady screaming her brains out."

Panicked after seeing a man floating at the bottom of the pool, that's when a group of people helped to pulled him out.

"The man was blue, I mean he was dead."

A woman who works at the wellsprings began C-P-R and then this man -- Harold Hoffman hurried to help.

"His lips were black and blue... there was no pulse. He was just void of any life for up to two minutes."

The duo -- working fast.

"She was doing compressions on him, so immediately I helped her."

As people watched them try to bring the man they identify as "Walter" back to life. After roughly five minutes, the man began to breathe. Shortly after, paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital.

"Chaotic, very chaotic."

And Hoffman says this isn't the first time he's had to kick into overdrive and respond to a crisis.

This -- his third time -- stepping in -- performing
C-P-R to help a stranger. That's why Don Shoop is calling both the Wellsprings employee and Hoffman -- heroes.

"Not a hero, wouldn't even think to consider that."

"I'd say it was a miracle."

Hoffman says it's a miracle made possible because two people knew how to give C-P-R, worked together and acted quickly to save a man's life

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