Icy Roads Sticking Around in Ashland

, Written by RaeAnn Christensen, Posted: Mon, December 9 2013 at 6:45 PM, Updated: Mon, December 9 2013 at 7:19 PM

Cars abandoned on the side of the road. Some after running into each, others because the going got too tough. And days after the storm it's still white out conditions on most of the streets.

"I have never seen this exact condition before, to be able to have temperatures down at zero and not get above freezing, it's been perfect conditions for solid ice," says John Peterson, Public Works Street Supervisor for Ashland City.

Ashland resident Larry Gobelman says he'd rather use his feet right now than get behind the wheel to get to downtown Ashland.

He says "we've been walking now, pretty much for the last three days."

The streets of Ashland are bustling with many people walking and bearing the frigid temperatures. Some residents are getting creative, turning to snowboards, sleds, and using walking sticks just to get around.

Peterson says "we've decided to walk rather than drive as much as we can."

Ashland City public works street supervisor John Peterson says they are working around the clock.

He says "it's been busy we've put in a lot of overtime, the crews been really working."

They have treated the main streets, with gravel for traction. No deicing chemicals for the environment though. And the plows can't scrape the ice either, they'd slide right over it. So days later.

Peterson says "We are trying to finally get into the residential areas."

City officials say as soon as the temperature  But until then chains are the best defense against the ice.

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