Merlin Family's Home Burglarized

, Posted: Sun, January 27 2013 at 9:41 PM, Updated: Sun, January 27 2013 at 9:59 PM

On Sunday, Arleeta Scott took us through her home in Merlin, showing us exactly how she says a thief broke in.

"They pried it open and came into my room because I was off guard I didn't lock my room that day," said Scott.

Everything from movies, video games, and a flat screen TV were missing, she immediately called the authorities.

"I called the sheriff and I got a recording and my neighbor, Ronda, gave me the number to the state police and they couldn't intervene unless the perpetrator was still here or my life was in danger."

She was told to fill out a report online, which would only help if her items end up in a pawn shop. Her story is similar to that of Dan Estremado. Just last week when he arrived at his work site a few miles away from Scott's home, he discovered nearly 5,000 dollars worth of equipment and tools gone. When he called the authorities, he was told almost the same thing.

"They said they are so short funded and staffed, they can't send anyone out to help us," said Estremado.

Following last years budget cuts,the Josephine County Sheriff's Office now only has 3 active deputies, none of which are able to respond to property theft reports. Frustrating for those with a loss.

"We need to work, not hunt criminals."

However, for Scott there are some clues in her yard leading to who may have broke in, including this shattered side view mirror from a Ford vehicle. That clue alone for Scott confirms suspicions of who did it.

"My neighbor saw and waved at him blatantly in a black Mustang, I know this person doesn't have a job, he's on probation, he has drug issues."

Clues and evidence, that for now will go unnoticed until sheriff's officials say, money for public safety in Josephine County is restored.


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