One-Year Anniversary of Occupy Movement

, Posted: Mon, September 17 2012 at 7:08 PM, Updated: Mon, September 17 2012 at 7:23 PM

One year ago, rowdy crowds, signs, and occupy wall street protesters blocked streets all over the country.

"Occupiers" blame what they call corporate greed for the economic downturn.     

However, one year later here in the Valley...

"I think it did fall out, whether it will come back, I don't know," said Ashland resident Ellen Rubenson.

"In all honesty, it does fade when you're not actively on the streets," said Jacy Mairs who is also an Ashland resident.

It's no wonder why some people are feeling like the Occupy Movement has lost some steam. Take Lithia Plaza for example, where occupiers used to set up shop. On Tuesday, it was empty.

Keith Haxton, an Occupy Ashland Founder, said the movement did make a difference and the movement is still going strong.

"The people who are organizing with it are still organizing and doing great things," said Haxton who is now running for a seat on the Ashland City Council.

"They're just putting in their energy not only to Occupy, but into other organizations that can make a difference," agreed Rich Rohde, a Regional Organizer for Oregon Action.

Supporters of Occupy Wallstreet say organizations and groups are now better organized in the wake of the Occupy Movement.

"It gave a lot of momentum to specific issue-driven campaigns like GMO Free Jackson County," said Haxton.

Plus occupiers said the movement resulted in hundreds of people moving their money from big banks to local credit unions.

Those protesting, and holding signs just one year ago said they're still trying to make a from behind the scenes.

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